The Best Way To Batch-Make Martinis So All You Need To Do Is Pour

The sheer theatrics of making a cocktail — the vigorous shaking, feverish stirring, and delicate pouring — is a huge part of the experience. However, more valuable than the show is the drink itself. As long as textures and flavors aren't amiss, most would probably agree that sipping a well-made martini is more important than watching the tipple be crafted. Based on that logic, batching (when done properly) shouldn't be something to sneer at — or fear. Pre-made martinis can be heavenly, so long as you don't neglect a small but essential step. 

Batched martinis are a great solution whether you're entertaining a bunch of guests or just feeling lazy after a long day but had the forethought to slap those spirits together ahead of time. Aside from pouring, the only other thing you need to do on the spot is add a garnish. Yet, effortless as they may seem, there is a secret to making the best batchable martinis. Once spirits have been mixed and bottles have been sealed, proper storage can be a major game-changer. 

Freeze bottles of batch-made martinis

Keeping batched cocktails somewhere in direct heat or sunlight is a major no-go. Trust us, a warm martini is something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. Cool spots like the inside of your fridge make for way better storage places. However, high-alcohol cocktails really hit their stride when left to rest in sub-zero conditions like the freezer. Let us explain.

The final step when making any martini is chilling. While ice cubes lower temperatures in made-to-order versions, allowing for a full and velvety texture and mellowing the intensity of the alcohol through dilution, crafting batched martinis means that the process of stirring and shaking the cocktail with ice is eliminated. Consequently, as dilution occurs before the bottles are sealed, ensuring a chilled martini relies solely on proper storage — yes, that means the frosty temperatures of the freezer. Delivering a perfectly icy martini with every pour, this storage step may seem obvious, but it's worth noting. 

Make some room in the depths of your freezer and whip up a batch today because, let's face it, keeping a bottle of batch-made martinis in the freezer is never a bad idea!