What Exactly Is A Traditional Builders Tea?

If you have heard of Builders tea (also called Builder's tea or Builders's brew) but aren't quite certain what it means, that's because its beauty lies in its imprecision. Many people who are fans of the beverage will make it with subtle variations to suit their personal taste preferences. But in general, a Builders tea is a very strong black tea made very quickly, with sugar and milk added. Builders tea is defined just as much by its method of preparation as by its ingredients.

Builders tea is popular for its simplicity and ease of preparation, inexpensiveness, as well as its strength. Though there's no exact instance when it was created, some report that Builders tea rose to popularity in the public eye in the United Kingdom during the 1970s. Although Builders tea is known as a favorite among builders and other construction workers (as the name suggests), anyone who likes their morning caffeine quick and strong will enjoy this drink. If you're usually searching for strong flavors, a kick of caffeine, and something quick to prepare to start your day, chances are Builder's brew will be exactly your cup of tea.

Origins of Builders tea

Builders tea originated with people who worked in construction or manufacturing in the United Kingdom. During breaks, they desired a cup of tea that was both quick to prepare and packed enough of a caffeine punch to keep them energized. The answer that cropped up in response to this need was a strong black tea that could be prepared and ready to drink in just minutes. As such, Builders tea is often made from dark black tea from Kenyan or other parts of Africa rather than English Breakfast or Early Grey, which are made from milder, lighter teas like Assam and Ceylon. Still, the rules of Builders tea are pretty loose and English Breakfast and Early Grey are popular go-to teas in the United Kingdom so they're used in Builders brews too. Whatever tea is used it will be brewed strong, and most people prepare it with sugar and milk to enhance the taste.

Not all tea steeps at the same rate, so Builders tea favors a strong tea bag that doesn't take more than a minute or two to steep. That said, you can choose a brand and type of tea that best suits your personal taste preferences and let it steep until you have a strong brew. Any standard grocery store or tea shop will have a black tea that will work for Builders tea.

How to make Builders tea

The basic Builders tea formula requires hot water, a black tea bag, sugar, and milk. In general, Builders tea is best if you make each cup individually. Start by brewing enough water for as many cups as you need. Put the tea bag and some sugar in each cup. You can either add milk at this point or after you've steeped the tea bag. When the water starts to boil, fill up your cups.

Don't walk away from the tea bag. Take a spoon and begin stirring enthusiastically. Your goal is to release as much flavor from the tea bag in a short brewing period (less than a few minutes) as possible. This method is directly inspired by what you would have to do to get a strong cup of tea during a short work break. After you've stirred and steeped, remove the tea bag and enjoy.