Can You Order Trader Joe's Products In Bulk?

Trader Joe's has earned its loyal following thanks to its creative products and unusual flavors. But because everyone knows Trader Joe's can run out of items or change up their inventory at any time, shoppers might be tempted to try and stock up on their favorite items

In a more extreme example, some might even be familiar with the story of Pirate Joe's, where a dedicated shopper in Canada tried to bulk buy best-selling items at Trader Joe's to resell in their own store. Unsurprisingly, the scheme led to backlash and a lawsuit from Trader Joe's and the resale store was eventually forced to shut down. Needless to say, Trader Joe's discourages this behavior of buying in bulk to resell its merchandise. But even if you're trying to stock your own kitchen, you'll have to shop somewhere else. 

While some grocery stores, and especially big box retailers like Costco and Sam's Club, accommodate large amounts of products, Trader Joe's does not. Even though there is plenty of demand for a lot of the goods you'll find at the grocer, Trader Joe's has made it clear that they do not allow bulk ordering of their products both in-store and online. 

It's against Trader Joe's standards

According to the Trader Joe's FAQ page, the company does not offer bulk orders because it goes against its standards and policies. The store aims to provide customers with fresh and affordable products, and says that allowing bulk ordering could compromise these values. Furthermore, Trader Joe's wants to ensure that all customers have equal access to their products, and bulk ordering could create shortages for other shoppers.

But despite the no bulk ordering policy, Trader Joe's still offers a wide variety of products that customers can enjoy. The store is constantly introducing new items and fans of the store know to keep an eye out for these exciting additions. The limited availability of certain products also creates a sense of excitement and exclusivity around shopping at Trader Joe's which can be fun and entertaining to many shoppers. So don't hyperfocus on a single item too much or you might be disappointed.