Fresh Thyme Market Debuts A Customizable Pickup Experience

In the beginning, Fresh Thyme Market's growth was only physical, as the company expanded from its original location in Mount Prospect, Illinois, to over 70 grocery stores across the Midwest. But now, as it celebrates the ninth anniversary of its original store launch, Fresh Thyme Market is extending their in-store philosophy to the realm of e-commerce. 

The company has always been community-oriented in its approach, with a focus on offering healthy food options at budget-friendly prices. Of course, that is still the case, but according to a recent press release, the grocery chain is rolling out the option of online shopping with customizable pickup to accompany the grocery delivery service the company made possible with its partnership with Instacart in 2018.

These new services will offer significant convenience to shoppers, but in keeping with Fresh Thyme Market's budget-friendly, community-oriented focus, the added convenience comes with no additional cost. According to the release, the prices shoppers see online are the same as those in-store.

How Fresh Thyme Market's pickup service works

Fresh Thyme Market's president, Liz Zolcak, noted to Whole Foods Magazine, "By offering a more deliberate way to shop and eat, we present a more thoughtful approach to managing health and wellness." And Fresh Thyme Market's new pickup feature is very much in keeping with this approach.

Customers of Fresh Thyme Market can plan meals at their leisure and shop at their convenience — at home or at their kid's ball game — by using their new site, According to the recent press release, the team members who will take care of this task have been well-trained in choosing the freshest available produce and will pack items expertly for pickup service. And when Fresh Thyme Market says customizable, they mean it, as online shoppers planning a pickup can make changes to their orders (or cancel it entirely) up to the time their personal shopper starts packing it. And, of course, same-day delivery remains an option thanks to Fresh Thyme Market's ongoing partnership with Instacart in the 10 Midwestern states the growing grocer currently operates.