The Creamy Ingredient That Will Take Your Tacos Above And Beyond

The love for tacos borders on obsession for many people, and it's easy to understand why these handheld meals spark passionate desire among foodies. The options are nearly limitless when it comes to fillings and toppings, in addition to cuisines that can be used for inspiration. Even if you stick with traditional Mexican tacos, there are many sauces to create – such as a adobo crema — that will add a big burst of flavor to your taco.

Simply combine the classic Mexican flavors of adobo, which is made from dried chiles and is often used as a marinade, and crema, which is a tangier, slightly salty, sour cream-like condiment that provides relief to spicy foods and lightness to heavy foods, to make a mouth-watering sauce that complements both spicy and bold tacos.

While you could stop with a blend of adobo and crema sauce, consider adding some lime juice for an additional burst of freshness and some mayonnaise for additional creaminess before building your perfect taco.

A smoky and creamy touch

Now that you have a complex sauce made from the spicy and earthy flavors of adobo with the light, tanginess of crema, it's time to assemble that taco. While there aren't many flavors that the creamy adobo sauce does not go with, some taco ingredient choices will highlight the heat and smokiness of the sauce: Think ground beef, shredded chicken, fried fish, or other meats with a mild flavor like ground turkey. 

By having only lightly seasoned protein, the bold flavors of the creamy adobo sauce will really stand out. The same goes for other toppings. But it's best to keep them fresh with mellow flavors such as avocado slices, diced tomatoes, mild salsa, and cilantro. Adding a second spicy ingredient such as a hot salsa will only compete with the creamy adobo sauce and neither will be fully enjoyed.