The Game-Changing Ingredient You Should Add For Juicy Turkey Burgers

Diners who need a break from beef often opt for turkey burgers, knowing that the leaner meat might not offer the most succulent bite. Turkey has a lower fat content and requires a longer cooking time that seems to zap all the moisture out of your patty. Tasting Table recipe developer Michelle McGlinn has a fix for that, and notes that the key to creating a craveable turkey burger is adding goat milk.

Goat milk has a higher fat content than cow milk, making it an ideal addition to lean meats that need a boost. It's also higher in protein and easier to digest than cow's milk, allowing diners with lactose sensitivities to enjoy its rich flavor without any unappetizing side effects. 

We credit this underrated dairy product with taking our aptly named Actually Juicy Turkey Burger to the next level. McGlinn says, "For turkey burgers specifically, goat milk is great because of how creamy and dense it is; turkey is notorious for being dry, and goat milk's creamy density helps moisten the meat and prevent it from drying out." 

She also notes that the subtle tanginess and mild sweetness of the milk complement the flavor of the poultry. Once you taste what goat milk can do for your turkey burger, it might become your new go-to ingredient.

This turkey burger is the GOAT

In this Tasting Table original recipe video, McGlinn seasons ground turkey with salt, allspice, thyme, grated shallot, and garlic to boost the flavor profile of the naturally mild bird. Mayonnaise and Worcestershire join the mix, bringing rich, eggy oil and complex savory flavors. The goat milk goes in with the breadcrumbs so that the bread can soak up the rich dairy and keep the turkey moist throughout the cooking process. 

Whether you oven-bake or pan-sear your turkey burger, you won't have to worry about a disappointing bite, thanks to the added fat and flavor from goat's milk. The mouth-watering result is a flavorful burger that is juicy and tender from start to finish. 

Enjoy your patty on a brioche bun and top with tangy feta cheese, peppery arugula, and your favorite condiments. The mild sweetness of the milk-infused burger pairs nicely with sweet potato fries or a nutty shaved brussels sprout salad. Feel free to double-down on the secret ingredient by subbing goat cheese in place of the feta, and prepare to tuck into a turkey burger so juicy that it might be considered the greatest of all time.