Elevate The Flavor Of Caesar Salad With An Easy Dressing Hack

A Caesar salad is one of those dishes that is a perfect combination of flavor and texture. You have the refreshing, crisp bite of the romaine, the crunch of the crouton, the tang of the citrus, the saltiness of the anchovies and Parmesan cheese, the sharpness of the garlic, and the peppery creaminess of the emulsified olive oil. All these ingredients blend to make one of the most popular salads known.

That being said, opinions will vary on what should go into, or be omitted from, Caesar dressing; this mostly has to do with whether or not to throw in anchovies. They're a great salt substitute and add meatiness to the mix. For those less than fond of these tiny, briny, oily fish, there are ways to get around the ingredient, such as with capers. However you decide to dress your salad, as long as those key flavors are there, you've got yourself a winner. 

Part of the beauty of a Caesar salad is the simplicity of its ingredients, nearly all of which any well-stocked pantry should have on hand. However, we advise you not to reach for a brand dressing but make your own instead. It's exceedingly simple, and we've got a tip for you that will elevate the flavor of the entire meal.

Make the dressing ahead of time

However you decide to make your Caesar dressing, prepare it at least a day in advance and keep it in the refrigerator overnight. Doing this really allows the ingredients to mingle and combine. The following day, you get a whole dressing with elevated flavor that tastes utterly scrumptious.

How exactly does this happen? It's the same thing that happens to the soup or casserole you made yesterday that somehow tastes even better today. As the dressing sits, its chemical compounds begin to change. The chilling effect of the refrigeration allows said compounds to slowly come together, as opposed to breaking down, which occurs when food is exposed to heat. As you allow the dressing to warm, those molecules will disintegrate and release new flavors they might not have if otherwise eaten fresh.

So, in your dressing, the garlic, oil, anchovies (or not), citrus, salt, and cheese all come together in blended beauty. And, as logic dictates, if your dressing tastes great on day one, imagine how good it will taste when the ingredients have the chance to sit and develop further. As proven by this salad's popularity, these flavors work. This trick is simply a way of making them work better.