The Decadent Potato-Mashing Trick Just For Blue Cheese Lovers

From creamy blue cheese dressing to steak topped with blue cheese crumbles, lovers of the pungent cheese variety have options when it comes to sneaking the ingredient into meals. Blue cheese sprinkled into dishes can enhance savory and sweet recipes, deepen textures, and provide unexpected nuances to at-home culinary endeavors. If you classify yourself as a committed blue cheese fan, you may have experienced the culinary satisfaction of enhancing a traditional recipe with this flavorful ingredient. 

If you're one to reach for the veiny, crumbly cheese to place onto cheese boards or simply enjoy blue cheese as a snack alongside a glass of wine, you may want to consider adding blue cheese to tonight's side dish of potatoes. Mashed potatoes deserve the luxurious element blue cheese can provide, and when blue-cheese-infused potatoes are paired with hearty pieces of steak, you're in for a decadent meal that will seem like it was prepared at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Smooth servings of decadence

Mash blue cheese directly into potatoes for one of the most luxurious potato recipes you will ever prepare in your kitchen. Simply take your usual batch of potatoes made with butter and cream and stir in crumbles of blue cheese. With the tangy bite of blue cheese standing up to the richer, creamy flavors of the potato mash, you're in for a decadent culinary experience that can easily complement any protein main or be enjoyed alone as an afternoon snack.

Consider topping the finished dish with chopped chives, caramelized mushrooms, or sprinkles of crispy onions for a bright, crunchy presentation that will have guests quickly reaching to scoop up second helpings before asking for another piece of steak. But consider yourself warned: This rich recipe is so satisfying that you may not be able to make your usual go-to mashed potato recipe without adding blue cheese ever again.