The Crescent Roll Trick Chicken Wing Fans Need To Try

Buffalo sauce isn't just for chicken wings. Hot and tangy, this legendary condiment from Buffalo, New York, is an ideal ingredient for a plethora of dishes from lasagna to spaghetti squash. But if you're just looking for a snack, then creamy buffalo chicken dip is where it's at. You still get all the satisfying savory flavors of buffalo wings, but you also get a creamy spread that you can scoop into your mouth with crackers, veggies, or chips.

But as delicious as it might be, consuming globs of the dip isn't quite the same as digging into a crispy, spicy chicken wing. While the flavors may be very similar, you're still not getting that satisfying crunch of fried chicken and it can be a little messy trying to steer a dip-covered cracker into your mouth over the couch. The solution to this dilemma? A hand-held appetizer that packs in all the flavors of buffalo chicken dip, but adds in a deliciously crispy element and you don't even have to add any extra chicken.

Stuff your buffalo chicken dip into crescent dough pockets

If you want to avoid the messiness of eating buffalo chicken dip and add in a little crispiness to balance out its creaminess, you can make small hand-held pockets with one simple extra ingredient — crescent rolls. First, you make your dip like you normally would, using cooked chicken, cream cheese, ranch, shredded cheddar, and green onions. If you want an extra boost of veggies, try throwing in some chopped carrots or celery too and if you want to switch up the cheese, try using blue cheese or feta crumbles.

Then, roll out your crescent dough and cut it into rectangles. You could also use the pre-set triangles and make proper crescent rolls, but for perfectly square pockets, seal the holes in the dough by slightly folding it together, and then make your own rectangle shapes. After you lay down your dip on each one, close each pocket, brush it with more buffalo sauce, and top it with additional shredded cheese.

The baking time depends on the shape of your snacks, triangle crescent rolls will take about 15 minutes, while the square ones should be done after around eight minutes. Whichever shape you go for, these appetizers pair perfectly with ranch, blue cheese, or buffalo dipping sauces.