Red Stripe Debuts New Line Of Canned Rum Cocktails

Red Stripe has always been the iconic squatty 11.2-ounce bottle filled with beer that tastes like you're on vacation. First brewed in 1928, before Jamaica was an independent country, Red Stripe's lager exudes laidback vibes and is just the right beverage for drinking while at your favorite bar or for friendly get-togethers. But if you're looking to try new flavors of the beloved brew, you're in luck because the company is adding two new drinks to the mix.

Red Stripe is introducing two canned cocktails slated to roll out this spring in Florida and select markets in the northeastern U.S. The rum drinks feature Caribbean rum and fruit juices in a celebration of tropical flavor and vibes, "giving a head nod to those who express themselves freely, fully, and fabulously," per the brand's press release. The unique beverages are packaged in 12-ounce slim cans and sold in four packs and the two flavors sound like perfect summertime sippers.

Red Stripe's new cocktail drinks feature punch and mojito flavors

The company's new drinks are called Red Stripe Rum Punch and Red Stripe Rum Mojito. The rum punch flavor is a play on a classic Caribbean cocktail and features rum, natural flavors, and mango juice. While the new mojito version gives you the refreshing taste of lime juice, sparkling water, and mint, mixed with Caribbean rum and natural flavors. Both Red Stripe cocktails contain 200 calories per 12-ounce can and 5.9% alcohol by volume, all ready to go, with no mixing required.

Positioned to capture some of the booming canned cocktail business, the new beverages from Red Stripe mark what appears to be the biggest innovation for the brand since the introduction of the squatty bottle in 1965. Since the rollout of the canned drinks won't happen all over the country just yet, folks on the West Coast may want to whip up a few of our homemade mojitos that are made with fresh mint and granulated sugar.