Dole's New Golden Selection Pineapples Will Be Juicier & Sweeter

Farmers and agricultural innovators have often played with mother nature to help create some of our favorite fruits and vegetables. Watermelons, concord grapes, and even the common banana all have their origins in the practice of cross-pollination, hybridization, and selective breeding. Today, the growers at Dole are using a slightly different approach to producing a brand-new pineapple of epic sweetness, aka the Dole Golden Selection Pineapple. 

According to the press release, this pineapple was cultivated with the goal of promising the ultimate sweet and juicy experience. Still, what seems unique about the fruit isn't necessarily the strain of pineapple but how and where it's grown. Though Dole pineapple is considered synonymous with Hawaiian plantations, this new pineapple comes from another tropical paradise, Costa Rica.

Sustainably grown in Costa Rica, Dole chalks up the Golden Selection Pineapple's extreme sweetness to the rich tropical soil and the unparalleled Costa Rican sunshine. In addition to that, the pineapple certainly earns its selective title. As the company notes, only 6% of all Dole pineapples grown can be considered worthy of the Golden Selection distinction.   

A pineapple deserving of its golden title

The discerning quality of the Golden Selection Pineapple means it's subject to a certain level of scarcity. In mid-April, Dole is rolling out its elite fruit, each marked with a "limited edition" tag, and selling it in select grocery stores in the U.S. and Canada. In a commitment to quality, the fruit will only be offered seasonally, as it's not intended as an evergreen delicacy. Even with the pineapple representing an element of rarity, Dole is encouraging consumers to use it for more than just plain eating.   

Dole's nutrition and health communications manager, Melanie Marcus, recommends cooks try the Golden Selection Pineapple in several classic Dole recipes, from the raw Pineapple Carpaccio to the Ginger-Chili Ahi Tuna Poke Skewers. For those looking to combine their fruit with some Disney princess fun, they also recommend using it in the Magic Carpet Lemon Curd Cups, a dish designed with Princess Jasmine in mind. No word yet on whether this prized pineapple will make its way into the beloved Dole Whip, but one can only hope that an epic crossover is on the horizon.