The 20 Best Seafood Restaurants In LA

Given its coastal location, Los Angeles is home to some of the best seafood in the nation. From fresh fish to golden-fried goodies, the seafood scene in LA is diverse and abundant. While seafood typically has a higher price point and is seen as a fancier food option, it is possible to enjoy it in a more casual and laid-back setting. Sure, there are plenty of fancy seafood joints in Beverly Hills and Malibu, but there are also a few renowned food trucks and taco stands serving up some of the freshest seafood in the city.

However, there are also tons of tourist traps that might boast an ocean view but lack quality and consistency. Thankfully, we've rounded up some of our favorite seafood-centric spots all over the city. Whether you're craving fried shrimp or a zesty scallop crudo, here's our list of the 20 best seafood restaurants in Los Angeles.

Mariscos Jaliscos

In a city known for its tacos and seafood, Mariscos Jalisco has conquered both. Its mouthwatering menu, ridiculously fresh fish, and affordable prices combine to create meals that are pretty unbeatable. The first Mariscos Jalisco was founded in 2002 and now has food trucks all over Los Angeles County. From Boyle Heights to La Cienega and Pomona, a delicious bite of seafood is never too far out of reach.

For folks indulging for the first time, its taco de camaron, also known as the crispy shrimp taco, is a customer favorite, and a must-order. The taco is bundled up, deep-fried, and topped with buttery avocado and bright salsa. Another go-to dish is the Poseidon, which is a crisp tostada loaded up with a tasty tower of shrimp ceviche, octopus, avocado, and spicy red aguachile.

Crudo e Nudo

Crudo e Nudo exemplifies the detail-oriented, hyper-local ethos that defines Californian cuisine. Its menu is handwritten daily and determined by the freshest in-season fish that the Crudo e Nudo team can find. Most dishes are served on ceramic plates created at a local pottery studio. And, each glass of wine stocking the restaurant's shelves has been hand-selected and vetted to ensure low intervention production practices. The dining space is located in a former juice bar that is bright and airy, despite its minimal square footage.

Best of all, each bite of seafood packs a massive, mouthwatering punch. Ordering the oysters is non-negotiable — the ultra-refreshing dish is topped with pink peppercorn-limoncello, mignonette sauce, fresh borage flowers, and topped with a squeeze of lemon. Snag the crudo trio and you'll get a taste of some of the freshest fish that Los Angeles has to offer. This option plates up three on- and off-menu crudos chosen by the chef.

Saltie Girl

Since opening its doors at the very end of 2022, Saltie Girl has become one of the hottest restaurants on the Sunset Strip. Originally from Boston, Saltie Girl specializes in tinned fish and all things seafood. The extensive list of tinned fish options might seem overwhelming at first, but the knowledgeable staff are able to guide you through the options so that you can find ones that best suit your palette. From scallops to octopus to classic sardines, enjoy your canned fish with accompaniments like French bread, fresh butter, and a trio of different salts.

Other Saltie Girl favorites include the lobster frites, the French Dover sole, and the warm spicy king crab roll. Pair your meal with a crisp glass of white wine and enjoy the sunny SoCal weather from the pink-and-blue patio that looks right out onto Sunset Boulevard.

Connie and Ted's

Connie and Ted's has made a name for themselves by bringing New England seafood staples to the sunny shores of the West Coast. The restaurant seeks to import the feel and the food of clam shacks and oyster bars that line the shores of Rhode Island. Connie and Ted's has tapped into a widespread craving for seafood classics, and since 2013, Angelenos have flocked en masse to the restaurant.

Luckily, Connie and Ted's has more real estate than most of the seafood shacks back east. The restaurant's spacious dining room is lined with bright wood, blue ceilings, and red chairs, and it has a sizable patio where diners can enjoy balmy Los Angeles afternoons. Grab a lobster roll, a few orders of sausage, breadcrumb, garlic-filled Stuffies, and Jo's Wicked Good Chowda', and you'll have a table of happy campers on your hands. Connie and Ted's also recently brought back brunch and serves up unique staples like the Maine lobster Croque Connie and the bucatini carbonara.

Ceviche Project

The Ceviche Project was created as an ode to raw seafood, and the restaurant's team has harnessed this passion to craft dishes that are both beautifully constructed and always fresh in both ingredients and execution. Unsurprisingly, the oysters at Ceviche Project are some of the best in town. Upgrade to the premium oysters to enjoy them alongside salty seaweed, briny trout roe, and a spicy hit of serrano oil.

The restaurant's scallops are a solid go-to that is dependably delicious and is beautifully presented on a half-shell before being complemented with tangerine, pomegranate, serrano, cilantro, and lava salt. The King Kanpachi tostada is another signature dish that shouldn't be passed up. Umami tosazu sauce, acidic grapefruit, luxurious avocado, crisp radish sprouts, trout roe, and a slightly peppery nasturtium combine to craft an unforgettable bite.

Angler Los Angeles

After a temporary closure, Angler LA has reopened and re-established its place in the local seafood scene. This upscale and elegant spot has a variety of unique dishes to choose from. It's definitely the kind of place where you'll want to order for the table and share. While the majority of the menu is seafood-heavy, start off with the cheesy bread for a decadent appetizer. The bluefin tuna is another more delicate starter that is just as beautiful as it is delicious.

The sea snails are a one-of-a-kind dish that is well-worth ordering as is the seaweed rice that comes with a cured egg yolk and trout roe. The "Over Embers" section of the menu has more meat and pork options such as the ssam platter with grilled pork belly or the dry-aged strip.


Holbox is a seafood stand where fresh ingredients and simple preparations allow simplicity to shine. Chef Gilberto Cetina draws inspiration from his own childhood and has crafted a menu filled with dishes inspired by coastal Mexican culinary traditions. Diners sit on stools directly across from the chefs that prepare their meals, separated only by the glass case that keeps each ingredient fresh. Holbox also serves up some of the best tacos in the city.

Its Baja fish taco is topped with the unbeatable combination of crema, mayo, salsa roja, and pico de gallo. If you're craving more, the scallop and Baja shrimp tacos are two other menu favorites. And, make sure to brighten up the meal with an order of the refreshing mixed ceviche, complete with Yucatan octopus, wild Mexican shrimp, and Baja striped bass.


Providence helped shape Los Angeles' relationship with seafood and is one of the longest-standing fine dining restaurants in the city. Over the years, the restaurant's feel and menu have shifted, but its current iteration is framed by a lauded tasting menu that honors and expands upon the establishment's storied seafood legacy. The principle of sustainability is central to the dishes crafted by chef Michael Cimarusti and the Providence team. All of its seafood is wild-caught, and the vast majority of it is sourced from local waters.

The current tasting menu begins with macadamia topped with rich caviar, caramelized shallot, and crisp, salty, nori. It is then followed by six additional courses, ranging from a fresh, herby dish named Nancy's Down East sea scallop to house-made dark chocolate, complete with notes of passion fruit and caramel.

Broad Street Oyster Co.

Broad Street Oyster Co. is a laid-back yet modern seafood stand located in the heart of Malibu. While there are additional locations in Downtown LA and Santa Barbara, the Malibu location is ideal for beachgoers looking for a crisp beer and buttery lobster roll after a long day under the sun. One of the best things to do when dining at Broad Street Oyster Co. is to upgrade your lobster roll with fresh uni or caviar (or both).

Oysters are another popular thing to order as is the daily crudo which changes based on what is caught. Broad Street Oyster Co. also sells a variety of canned wines and beers, allowing you to post up on the covered patio with your meal or take everything to go for a sunset picnic on the sand.


Savida is a Santa Monica favorite that's located on Montana Avenue. This seafood joint takes Israeli flavors and concepts by blending them with California-fresh crudo and other raw fish dishes. The Savida Mixed Platter is a great way for two people to get a full taste of what the menu (which is constantly changing) has to offer. However, if you'd rather choose your own dishes a la carte, there are a few can't-miss items that are consistently available.

The melt-in-your-mouth hamachi is topped with a zesty ponzu sauce and a variety of vibrant herbs ranging from dill to cilantro. If you prefer something milder in flavor, the salmon and avocado crudo never gets old. That said, the warm bread and seaweed butter is a decadent appetizer that everyone will love.

Neptune's Net

Neptune's Net is an iconic biker hangout located right off of Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. There are two different sections of the restaurant: one where guests can order fresh seafood ranging from crab legs to oysters and one where guests can order fried goods, cocktails, and beer. The picnic-style tables create a casual and laid-back environment that is far less uppity than the majority of seafood spots in Malibu.

When it comes to fried food, don't miss out on the scallops and shrimp. The king crab legs are also a must-order if you prefer fresh seafood, as are the steamed clams. Sit back and enjoy your feast as you take in the epic ocean views and watch groups of bikers come and go down the highway.

Fishing With Dynamite

Since its opening in 2011, Fishing with Dynamite has brought a playful and vibrant attitude to its menu of seafood staples. The restaurant pulls inspiration from a variety of different continents, oceans, and cultures, resulting in a fusion that could only have been cooked up in Southern California. The restaurant sources a different selection of oysters each day, but they're always worth tasting.

If you're looking to add some more shellfish to your plate, Fishing With Dynamite's Maryland blue crab cake, house-brined dill pickles, and a whole grain mustard remoulade combine to create a crisp yet decadent appetizer. The Koshihikari rice entree is another crowd favorite that is built on a base of Japanese rice complemented by a chicken dashi broth, topped with shrimp, uni, and blue crab, and finished with a cage-free egg yolk. Make sure to round out your meal at Fishing With Dynamite with its famed Key lime pie.

Coni's Seafood

In the years since its opening in 1987, Coni'Seafood has become an Inglewood staple and has carved out a name for itself as one of the best spots for Mexican seafood in the Los Angeles area. House favorites include the tacos de marlin, which is served with smoked marlin, onion, tomato, and cheese, and the Camarones al mojo de ajo.

However, the restaurant's most popular dish may be the pescado zarandeado. In this entree, grilled snook is prepared with salt and house sauce, and its flaky white meat is served alongside caramelized onions and tortillas. Snook is a difficult fish to catch and prepare, making it a rare find on a seafood menu and one of the many reasons that locals return time and time again to Coni'Seafood.

Quality Seafood

Piers and great food don't usually mix, but Quality Seafood, a two-story restaurant on the Redondo Beach pier, is an exception. The market and eatery have been in business since 1953, so it has had plenty of time to perfect how its fish is prepared and where it comes from.

The restaurant boasts one of the largest selections of seafood in California, which is sourced from a combination of local fishermen, Hawaiian fish auctions, and international suppliers. Your options may seem endless, but make sure to order at least one dish featuring Quality Seafood's specialty: crab. The restaurant's steamed Dungeness crab is a reliable hit. If you're still hungry, the fish and chips, clam chowder, and lobster roll are other crowd-pleasing staples that taste even better when accompanied by a sea breeze.

Son of a Gun

Son of a Gun is a seafood-centric sister restaurant to Jon and Vinney's, a popular Italian eatery that is known for its pizza. The nautical-inspired restaurant is located on West 3rd Street, and while you might get lucky by walking in, it is highly recommended to make a reservation. The all-day menu ranges from raw dishes like ceviche to a hamachi crudo topped with fresh sprouts and fruit. The "snacks" section of the menu changes with the seasons, but the Kennebec French fries are a consistent favorite.

When it comes to shellfish, the cold lobster roll is a refreshing classic but the chilled peel-and-eat shrimp is perfect for sharing. Though seafood is definitely the focus, there are also several meat dishes for those that prefer steak or chicken.

Found Oyster

Found Oyster is one of East LA's most popular seafood spots. As the name suggests, oysters are the main character on this menu. The elegant, jewel-box-inspired space looks straight out of New England, and if you're a fan of wine or bubbles, you'll definitely want to kick back with a glass (or a bottle). Found Oyster serves up raw and cooked seafood, ensuring that every kind of diner is catered to.

If you're looking to enjoy a taste of everything from the raw bar, order the Overboard Platter, which comes with a variety of oysters, prawns, crudo, and a sweet crab cocktail. The sea urchin service is a one-of-a-kind offering for fans of uni, and the caviar service takes luxury to the next level. The lobster bisque roll is a popular cooked entree that is full of flavor and can even be topped with caviar for a next-level experience.


Morihiro has won over the Los Angeles sushi scene as the latest and greatest restaurant from Michelin Star Chef Morihiro Onodera, who was raised on his family's farm in Japan and trained as a sushi chef in Tokyo. His deep connection to the ingredients that compose each dish isn't just emotional — he actually harvests his own locally-grown rice and shapes the homemade pottery that is used to serve each dish.

For the full Morihiro experience, guests can indulge in a multi-course omakase menu that is shaped by a commitment to seasonal sushi. For an elevated experience, opt in for the sake pairing. Guests can also order the seasonal bento box, which offers a beautifully arranged selection of the restaurant's fish, produce, and side dishes, including Morihiro's famed rice.

Sushi Kaneyoshi

In the Los Angeles seafood scene, Sushi Kaneyoshi is known for its sophisticated ambiance, artfully constructed omakase menu, and impeccably prepared boxes of picture-perfect sashimi, nigiri, and chirashi. Each box is packed to the brim with colorful cuts of gorgeous seafood, and there's no denying that digging into the package would be slightly heartbreaking if it weren't so delicious.

A decadent, high-end feel permeates every facet of the Little Tokyo-based restaurant. The counter where the sushi chef's cook room is sleek and cinematically lit, displaying the awe-inspiring skill and attention to detail that goes into preparing each piece of fish. Even the place settings are prepared with care, complete with a hot towel and a front-row seat to the work done by the restaurant's team of sushi chefs.

El Coraloense

El Coraloense has been serving LA a vibrant fusion of seafood since 2003. The full-service restaurant originally started off as a small, family-owned spot but quickly became recognized for its fresh fish and inspiring approach. The Bell Gardens restaurant now offers dine-in, take-out, and catering. When it comes to starters, the aguachile is a traditional dish that shrimp lovers will fawn over. However, the sampler offers the chance to try three different mini tostadas, which is ideal for those who can't seem to choose only one topping.

The cleverly named "" is an oyster-based dish that is topped with shrimp and avocado, while the more refreshing "Coco Loco" features shrimp, octopus, crab, and abalone cooked in lemon and served in a tropical coconut shell.


Recommended by the Michelin Guide in 2019, Soban specializes in authentic Korean cuisine in the heart of LA's Koreatown. The female-led restaurant remains closely tied to Korean culture both through its food and its atmosphere. Though you'll find plenty of traditional meat-based recipes like braised beef short ribs, and bibimbap, the seafood dishes such as the soy sauce-marinated raw crab and braised black cod remain the most popular and legendary.

The menu also features a few different kinds of grilled fish along with spicy stir-fried squid and octopus, both of which have a very nice kick. If you're looking to warm up on a cooler day, order the monkfish soup and soothe your soul from the inside out. The seafood tofu pancake also makes for a great appetizer.