Aldi's Chocolate Products Are Actually Imported From Europe

Based on their price, you wouldn't tend to think that Aldi's chocolate bars and candy were anything exceptional, but a look at their labels will tell you otherwise. These sweet treats have been imported from European chocolatiers to delight American taste buds.

Perhaps it really should come as no surprise that Aldi would sell imported European chocolate — after all, the company is German-based.  While many of its fresh products come from the United States like its milk and produce, many others such as cheeses and wines are imported, offering customers something different but still at the low cost the retailer touts. Aldi also offers its own premium private label brand, which first found success in Europe before being launched in the United States. The Specially Selected label offers chocolate for baking, packaged cookies, vinaigrettes, and desserts — some of which have been exported from Italy and other European countries.

While eating chocolate desserts is enjoyable, sometimes you just need a solid piece of milk chocolate, and that's where Aldi can satisfy that craving with quality European chocolate.

Variety of chocolate products

Sold under the names Choceur, Moser Roth, and Schogetten, the candy bars sold at Aldi come in milk chocolate, hazelnut crunch, rich dark, and white chocolate flavors among others — a flavor to suit nearly every person's preference. But not feeling a whole chocolate bar? There are individually wrapped chocolates, chocolate-covered berries, and peanut butter cups all available to satisfy sweet-tooths. 

Primarily made in Germany, Belgium, and Austria, the chocolates at Aldi have clearly been made with quality in mind. They possess a rich texture and superior flavor, and they melt well, which a high-quality chocolate should do. Anyone who shops regularly at the grocer also knows that the stores contain seasonal, holiday, and limited-time products, the same which goes for its chocolates. So while the Ferrero Kinder Joy Eggs can be found near the checkout year-round, look for special flavored and shaped chocolates for Easter, Christmas, and other holidays that have all been brought from Europe and enjoy a taste of Europe.