20 International Airlines With The Tastiest Vegetarian Meals

Traveling can be one of the most fun and stressful parts of your vacation experience. The only thing that can make it more nerve-wracking (besides losing your luggage or missing your layover) is following a particular dietary adherence. Luckily, many airlines have tried to cater to an increasingly diverse group of passengers and have subsequently offered a more comprehensive array of meal choices aboard their aircraft. 

While some international carriers offer vegan and vegetarian items on snacking and meal menus aboard flights, many carriers require passengers to request special dietary accommodations prior to their flight. If you have a dietary accommodation you need to make, you should always check with your carrier when you book your flight to ensure that there will be food for you aboard the aircraft — if your flight distance and type allot. Otherwise, you may be stuck eating those dry airline pretzels all the way to your destination.

While we've collected some of the best vegetarian meal options aboard international carriers, keep in mind that not everything listed here will be available on each and every flight. If you're craving something specific, check with your airline's customer service when planning your trip.

Air Emirates

Air Emirates has been widely recognized as one of the best providers of plant-based food aboard its aircraft, but also as a provider of a culinary experience ten thousand feet in the air. There are numerous vegetarian options aboard Air Emirates, which can be specially ordered up to 24 hours before takeoff. The Indian Vegetarian Meal option includes curry and spices often used in Indian cuisine served alongside tofu and grains. Air Emirates also offers a vegetarian Jain meal, which does not contain dairy, eggs, root vegetables, or animal products. 

Air Emirates incorporates some vegetarian options on its non-pre-order menus as well. For example, breakfast options may include vegetable crêpes filled with mushrooms and tomato concassé served with a vegan spinach roll. Lunches and dinners can include vegetable paella with braised lentils, pasta dishes, or grain salads. 

Air Canada

Air Canada offers some vegetarian choices through its in-flight Bistro. Passengers can order vegetarian light bites, including a fruit and cheese board, a crock of macaroni and cheese, or hummus and crackers. Our favorite vegan (and vegetarian, by proxy) product served at its Bistro is the vegan chickpea wrap stuffed with spiced chickpeas, quinoa, root vegetables, tomato, and cilantro. Passengers can also order pre-packaged salads like a wild rice superfood salad or a farro salad for a bright, light meal option. 

Special pre-order vegetarian meals are available on flights where the Bistro is also unavailable. If you do not pre-order your special meals, you can expect options like French toast with a fruit compote, tossed salad with vinaigrette, vegetarian paella, and carrot cake. 

China Airlines

China Airlines has been one of the most progressive airlines in bringing plant-based food to its passengers. The airline partnered with Yang Ming Spring, a Michelin Green Star-winning restaurant, to offer plant-based foods for its flights departing from Taiwan. Premium Business and Business Class customers can pre-order food aboard the flights from its "Clean & Green Plant-based Cuisine" menu. This menu opens with a spring platter with yam noodles in spring salsa, cucumbers in pine nut miso, and other light, colorful, and sensory-brightening dishes. In addition, premium customers may receive a truffle risotto and vegan fish filet. Guests can also order the Shou Wu Nourishing Soup, a vegetarian soup with ten traditional herbs. 

Economy-class customers can also opt for pre-ordered vegetarian options, including a vegan Conchiglie bolognese, plant-based meat & quinoa rice served in a cream sauce, curry stewed rice, and praised plant-based meat & turmeric rice. It's clear that China Airlines isn't skimping out on the flavors of these dishes, nor the effort to cater to a growing plant-based crowd in the regions it services.

Swiss Airlines

Special meals are available on all long-haul Swiss Airlines flights and those to select European destinations. It offers vegetarian Hindu, Jain, lacto-ovo, and vegan meal options. Intercontinental passengers can also order in-cabin for their choice of two meal options, one of which is always vegetarian and inspired by Hitl — the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world. In addition to the main plate, Swiss Airlines serves several different types of Swiss cheeses and Swiss chocolate.

Individuals flying a shorter distance with Swiss Airlines also have food options through the Swiss Saveurs menu. One option is the veggie brioche sandwich made with a vegetarian patty, sliced fresh veggies, and tartar sauce. Individuals craving a sweet treat can also order a 4-pack of macarons in fun flavors like bourbon vanilla and salted caramel or stick with a wholesome bowl of muesli with yogurt, raspberries, and red currants.


Lufthansa has a reputation as one of the most luxurious aircraft lines — and its food also lives up to that too. Guests can special order their vegetarian or vegan meal ahead of time, or some options are available on the regular in-flight menu depending on distance and class.

Neglecting to pre-order a vegetarian meal may leave you to choose from the airline's standard menu options. First-class customers can enjoy delicately-plated salads with grains and chives, creamy spinach soup, and a selection of fine cheeses and desserts. Some main courses are only sometimes vegetarian friendly, but Lufthansa will occasionally offer a vegan tajine with lemon couscous and spicy sultana compote or a spinach and cashew curry. However, since these menus are seasonal and constantly changing, it is best to pre-order your meals.


Qantas is one of the more progressive international airlines regarding plant-based eating. Vegetarians can request a special meal 24 hours before their takeoff or choose one of the plant-based options on the menu of their international flights. Frequent meal options off the regular menu include Korean-style sesame-baked eggplant served with rice, pickled vegetables, and stir-fried green beans or char kway teow-style rice noodles with tofu and beansprouts. Our favorite meals from Qantas are the flights to-and-from India. Guests can enjoy chickpea masala, tandoori cauliflower tikki masala, and mustard-fried cauliflower served with a cucumber salad. 

Qantas also offers several vegetarian food options in its domestic and international lounges. Guests can sample arrays of juices, fresh kombucha, and buffet-style meal options appealing to every type of diet. Each Australian region also offers a different kind of food option, such as the pizza in Perth, "The Oven" in Brisbane, and the "Spice Bar" in Melbourne. 

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways is a Japanese carrier offering an array of meat and plant-based meal offerings centered around Japanese cooking techniques and ingredients. Flights departing Japan can be served ovo-lacto vegetarian meals like lasagna-style tofu with burdock root and sesame served with a vegetable tortilla with carrot salsa, rye roll, fruit, and onion-celeriac mousse. Breakfasts may include vegetarian frittatas with lentils, yogurt, and fruit. 

The vegetarian oriental meals include more spice and adaptation to Asian flavors. For example, breakfast meals may consist of rice porridge with enoki mushrooms and yuba served with fresh fruit and bread. Lunches and dinners feature tofu and starch as the main ingredient, such as fried tofu with vegetables and rice noodles, marinated bean sprouts and mushrooms, and a side of fruit. Guests can also order pre-order vegan food off the special diet menu, including a delicious warm green curry with rice, a vegetarian spring roll, and cauliflower and tofu mousse with vegan gelatin. 

Asiana Airlines

Meat eaters love flying with Asiana Airlines because of its traditional Korean in-flight meal service, which includes ssambap — meat and rice wrapped in vegetable leaves — and bibimbap, a DIY bowl of rice, proteins, and vegetables. But Asiana has several plant-forward options for its passengers beyond these traditional meal options. 

Asiana Airlines offers several special meals for vegetarians, vegans, and those with dietary restrictions, including vegetarian oriental, lacto-ovo, and raw vegan meals. Like other airlines, Asiana's vegetarian meals often include some curry or stir fry with starch (like rice or noodles) and tofu protein. You might also find fresh sides like sliced cucumber salad with vinaigrette or chickpea salad with sliced vegetables. In addition, breakfasts aboard the aircraft may include yogurt and fresh fruit. 

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines offers an array of plant-based dining choices for those with dietary restrictions. Regardless of the meal, you should know that the options aboard Turkish Airlines are filling and complete with diverse choices. For example, lacto-ovo vegetarians can enjoy creamy pasta with vegetables served with a side salad, creamy coffee mousse, and warm bread.

Many of Turkish Airlines' vegan and vegetarian meal options are centered around pulses, legumes, and tofu. In addition, the carrier offers vegetarian-Jain meals, Asian vegetarian meals, and "strict vegan" meal options for its passengers to special order. There are also some vegetarian meals on Turkish Airlines' main menu, albeit inconsistent, including mushroom panzerotti, aubergine rigatoni, and cheese-and-spinach stuffed gözleme pastries. But your best bet with Turkish Airlines is still to order from the special options menu.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is one of the most accommodating international aircraft carriers for dietary restrictions; it offers 21 special meal options to pre-order, ranging from low-salt to liquid diets. If you neglect to pre-order these meals, though, there might be a few items on Cathay Pacific's regular menu options to help tide you over. Breakfast starters on the airline's main menu may include fresh fruit, cereals, assorted bakery items, and our favorite — vanilla yogurt with pomegranate molasses, figs, and raspberries.

You can also finish your meal with oatmeal topped with coconut yogurt, roasted pears, and walnuts or an open-faced omelet with ricotta, basil, and cherry tomatoes. Lunches and dinners may include vegetarian options, but these are not entirely guaranteed. For example, you may find bowls of green pea and mint soup, warmed Lebanese tabbouleh salad with a lime-yogurt dressing, or ricotta-stuffed mezzaluna pasta with sauteed morels in a cream sauce.

Air India

Indian food is one of the most notably vegan-friendly cuisines, so it isn't surprising that Air India would offer a lot of plant-based fare on its in-flight menu. As recently as April 2023, Air India announced it would start carrying more vegan-friendly options for its First and Business Class customers. Plant-based passengers flying in these classes can now order subz seekh kebabs, a plant-based starter on a stick made with vegetables and Indian spices. On your next Air India menu, you might also find warm Thai red curry with tofu or broccoli and millet steak, as well as Indian dishes like lemon sevaiyan upma (a dal curry made with vermicelli noodles), dal-based medu wada fritters, and masala uttapam — a South Indian breakfast crepe filled with spicy potatoes and vegetables. 

Air India's domestic menu always has a vegetarian option on its menu, as well. Its menu has many curries, bread, and dosas to accommodate its vegetarian customers. 

British Airways

British Airways may not be as progressive as other airlines in offering a variety of plant-based food offerings aboard its flights, but there is always something for vegetarian passengers. Patrons should special order lacto-ovo vegetarian, vegan, Jain, or Asian vegetarian meals at least 24 hours before their flight or attempt to order from the limited vegetarian menu onboard the aircraft. In addition, plant-based customers may enjoy tasty eats, including a spicy sweetcorn salad, roasted veggie grain bowls, and vegan chocolate-orange mousse for dessert. British Airways also often includes spicy Thai curries on its menu, which are beautifully plated and deliciously filling. 

Some of the non-special-order menu options available to vegetarians include a butternut squash couscous with grilled artichoke and ginger puree, roasted cauliflower risotto with mushrooms and rocket pesto, and the classic British sticky toffee pudding for dessert. 

Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines may not offer meals on all its routes, but it provides some unique vegetarian options. You'll find a vegetarian lasagna with cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and sliced eggplant on its pre-order menu, available up to 72 hours before takeoff. Economy class passengers do not receive full meals like the Business class but a light snack and refreshments aboard the aircraft. In the past, Hong Kong Airlines has also served five spice aburaage, a twice-fried Japanese soybean product. 

You may also find some vegetarian dishes available in Hong Kong Airlines' lounges. Meals in these lounges are catered towards Western and Asian palates and include several meal options for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. You might also find the made-to-order Hong-Kong style bubble waffle station. 


JetStar is a subsidiary of the Qantas airline that offers low-cost travel and fares to its customers. Although it might not be the most luxurious aircraft brand, it provides some sizeable vegetarian options for economy and business class customers. Economy customers can purchase meals through the in-flight cafe, including pumpkin and feta quiche, spinach rolls, egg salad sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, and cheddar and vegetable sandwiches. We also recommend trying JetStar's buckwheat vegetable stew with red kidney beans, carrots, and corn in a tomato gravy. 

The Business class flying experience with JetStar includes continental breakfasts, 3-course lunches and dinners, and snacks. Breakfasts served include feta and spinach omelets, seasonal fruit, muffins, pastries, and braised beans. For lunches and dinners, expect to see tossed salads with nuts and seeds, vegetarian ravioli in a cream or butter sauce, fresh sourdough bread, fried noodles with tofu, and seasonal swirled cheesecake. 

Etihad Airways

Etihad is one of the most glamorous airlines you can fly with. It is also one of the most environmentally progressive airlines — beyond its plant-based fare. Its plant-based water bottles are compostable, greens and vegetables are "locally grown," and its food is served in EcoWare pots made from recycled sugarcane. Etihad Airways deserves a gold star for its food options; a vegetarian option is always guaranteed without a pre-order (which is great for last-minute planners), and all its food is Halal.

Some of these vegetarian options include an Arabic mezze with dolmas, hummus, pita, falafel, and couscous, as well as coconut and tomato soup. Main plates may consist of pasta and are always served with desserts like a cheese platter, fruits, ice cream, and cake slices. 

Delta Airlines

In terms of veggie-forward American airline companies, Delta is first class. In 2022, the company released that it would start carrying plant-based vegetarian and vegan meal options on board its flights, featuring items from Impossible and Black Sheep Foods.

These items are available for meals on flights greater than 900 miles and include the Impossible burger with a green chili spice rub and Manchego cheese served on a brioche roll, Black Sheep Foods "lamb" meatballs served Greek-style with spinach and feta, Impossible meatballs in a pomodoro sauce with orzo risotto and a pesto cream sauce, pan-fried cauliflower cakes, and a warm vegetable plate served with couscous. At this time, these meals are limited to Delta One and First Class customers, but the positive feedback from many customers will likely result in more options for all Delta fliers.


If you want to get the most value out of your plant-based, in-flight dining experience, you should fly with JetBlue Mint — the airline's premium membership program. Mint passengers will always have a vegetarian option available, which is a much more inclusive policy than other aircraft companies. For breakfast, you can enjoy a glass of orange juice with waffles, coconut yogurt with all the fixings, or a savory breakfast frittata.

Lunches and dinners can include chilled grain salads, which are perfect for reclining and enjoying in-flight entertainment, or a warm plate of lasagna with decadent layers of ricotta, parmesan, and tomato sauce. Desserts aboard JetBlue also don't disappoint either; we recommend trying the vanilla gelato with bananas foster and almond honey granola or carrot cake with coconut cream. 

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has developed many corporate partnerships to help make plant-based food more accessible for its passengers. One is Evergreens, a West-coast salad company that inspired the "Soy Meets World" salad with roasted broccoli, cucumber, carrots, fried tofu, lettuce, and brown rice served with a tamari chili-lime dressing. The airline also includes many local products, including ice cream from Portland's Salt & Straw and Ellenos Greek yogurt. 

First-class passengers traveling over 550 miles receive three meal options during their flight. The exact meal format will depend on distance but generally includes a light appetizer, main entree, and dessert. In addition, passengers flying economy aboard Alaska Airlines can pre-order meals for flights more than 775 miles, including light meat and vegetarian fare. This includes the Healthy Resolutions vegan salad, signature fruit and cheese platter, and vegetarian Mediterranean tapas snack pack. 

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines has one of the best in-flight cuisines of all American carriers — but how do its vegetarian menu options square up? Although there are always vegetarian options on its menu, the only concrete way to ensure you'll have a meal available is to pre-order a vegetarian or vegan meal at least 48 hours before your flight. 

Hawaiian Airlines menus are catered to its destinations. For example, individuals flying through Austin can expect options like zucchini and peas with a basil macadamia nut pesto and roasted asparagus or shiitake mushroom and vegetable fried rice. Hawaiian Airlines also has a decadent array of desserts for passengers of all classes, including opera cake and coffee crunch cake, to enjoy after a chef-crafted meal. 

Virgin Atlantic

Although Virgin America is no more, Virgin Atlantic remains a popular British carrier. This flight offers pre-ordered vegetarian and vegan meals for its passengers, which may include dishes like spicy butterbean stew with spinach, dumplings, and broccoli, cheese and crackers, and a "pot" pudding in flavors like chocolate or lemon. Other vegetarian meal options may include baked mushroom pasta or vegetable curry. 

Virgin Atlantic's main menu always contains at least one vegetarian option on its appetizer and entree section, if you neglect to pre-order food before your flight. In addition to the main menu, Virgin Atlantic serves a "mile high tea" 90 minutes before landing, including vegetarian finger sandwiches, scones, chocolate — and a selection of warm tea. Virgin Atlantic caters to its veggie-forward customers — which should help sway more airlines to offer plant-based options aboard.