Leftover Brewed Coffee Is Key To Improving The Texture Of Yeasted Bread

We know that it can seem like a difficult task to get leftover coffee tasting just like a new batch of freshly brewed morning joe — that's why most people toss whatever is left in the pot instead of trying to reheat or rebrew it. Fortunately, there's another way you can put that extra brew to good use, without having to worry about dooming the caffeinated juice to a wasteful journey down the drain of your kitchen sink. And we're not simply talking about using ground coffee beans to make tonight's coffee-rubbed steak recipe. This morning's left-over home brew can help you bake delicious bread later on. 

Whether you prefer to use a French Press, an Aeropress, or an automatic machine to get your day started on a caffeinated note, your morning coffee ritual can lend perfectly to other culinary projects. Simply set any extra coffee to the side and get ready to bite into a uniquely textured crumb structure that toasts perfectly and can be enjoyed alongside tomorrow's morning cup of dark roast.

A nuanced bread recipe

When water makes up a significant element of a bread dough's recipe, consider using your leftover coffee as a one-to-one substitute or replace a portion of the required amount of liquid with the cooled-off brew. Particularly for treats that required yeasted dough — think doughnuts, bread, and cinnamon buns — adding brewed coffee into the dough will yield a better rise and more nuanced crust. 

Yeasted doughs call for more hydration, and with a slight acidic advantage, coffee delivers the perfect environment for gluten networks to form. Instead of coffee waste, you'll get a warm, browned loaf with satisfying flavors that hint at an added ingredient without overpowering each slice with a recognizable taste of coffee.

For an alternative, consider soaking pieces of dried raisins, figs, or blueberries in your leftover coffee and adding either the fruits themselves or the fruit-tinted coffee to your dough recipe. Slice and serve the baked loaf with butter and jam or a perfectly poached egg, and you have tomorrow's breakfast ready to go.