It's Best To Get Condiments On The Side For Your To-Go Fast Food Burger

Sometimes, after a busy day — or a long night — all you crave is a classic burger from your favorite fast food joint, especially when it only takes a quick trip to the drive-through or a few taps on a food delivery app to get your hands on one. No cooking or cleanup required.

It may not be a Michelin-starred meal, but there's no denying the fact that fast food can really hit the spot. Nevertheless, there are some downsides to getting that burger to go. Whether you're picking it up yourself on the way home or waiting for your driver to drop it off, leaving that warm patty sitting in transit can lead to a soggy mess by the time you're ready to take a bite.

Even if it's not a major splurge, you probably still want to get the yummiest bang for your buck. So, to make sure your order maintains its quality en route to your dinner table, we suggest always requesting your condiments and toppings on the side.

It'll keep your burger tidy and crisp

First off, consider the physics of it. When you've got a burger piled high with toppings, chances are, they're going to move around a bit after everything's been thrown into a bag and taken on a ride — and slippery condiments don't help. If you've ever unwrapped a McDouble upon getting home, you know what we're talking about.

Then, there's the issue of moisture. While you may love your In-N-Out mustard burger served animal-style and drenched in sauce when it's hot off the grill, letting a juicy patty sit with wet condiments in between two buns will most definitely lead to a soft and soggy bite later.

The easiest way to avoid these takeaway mishaps? Just ask for everything on the side — from the lettuce and tomatoes to the ketchup and any "secret sauces" the burger might come with. Not only does this ensure a nice and tidy delivery, it will also keep all of the components as crisp and fresh as possible while allowing you to add on as much — or as little — of them as you'd like.

This tip is also a must if you plan on reheating your burger before digging in, as you can simply transfer the patty itself to the stovetop or oven, heat it up, then place the toppings on when you're ready to eat. Once you try this hack, you'll never go back to your typical to-go option again.