The French Dessert Ina Garten Has Made More Times Than Any Other

There's no shortage of global foodies and tourists who would name Paris as one of their top travel destinations — but a strong case can be made for Ina Garten as the city's biggest fan. Her cookbook "Barefoot in Paris" is an ode to the city's culinary scene and she even has a "Trip to Paris" playlist on Spotify. But, one of the celebrity chef's favorite parts about the city is its desserts

Elaborate creations like macarons, croquembouche, and "île flottante" (aka "floating islands") surely turn heads — but these aren't the kind of sweets that catch Garten's attention. In an interview with Bon Appétit, Garten shares that the French dessert she's made more times than any other is the classic apple tart.

The Barefoot Contessa's French apple tart is a rustic reimagining of the traditional French tarte tatin, a layered upside-down tart baked in a skillet. But, when it comes to her "all-time favorite dessert," Garten is naming this uncomplicated puff pastry. "I don't think there's a French pastry shop or a French bistro that doesn't serve an apple tart," Garten tells Food Network, "and the truth is it's a really simple thing."

Ina Garten swears by French apple tart

Ina Garten's tried-and-true rustic French apple tart starts with (of course) apples, peeled and sliced super thin. (The chef recommends using Granny Smith, via Food Network). For smaller tarts, she says, opt for smaller apples so the slices will fit neatly onto your strips of pastry dough. And, when it comes to the dough for this rustic French apple tart, Garten prefers store-bought: "Of course, you can make your own pastry, but with puff pastry, it's so fantastic, why would you bother?" she asks.

To assemble, Garten layers the apples diagonally on top of the pastry dough, sprinkles with sugar and a few butter pats, and pops it in the oven on a baking sheet. Depending on your preference, you can make one large tart or cut the dough into multiple smaller squares so every guest at your dinner party can have their own mini tart.

While some top this treat with vanilla ice cream, Garten takes a more "tart" route (pun intended) and recommends serving it with homemade apricot jam glaze. This way, it'd also make for a fun breakfast with an espresso or a cup of coffee. You could sprinkle with chopped nuts, too.