'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Drinking Game To Celebrate The Final Season

If you're a fan of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" you likely know the new season, which debuts April 14, will be it's last. And if you're as heartbroken as we are to say goodbye to Midge, you might find yourself in the mood to celebrate the end of the series with a toast — or maybe cry into your beer, instead. Either way, a lighthearted drinking game is in order, especially for eager fans planning to host watch parties. 

One of the charms of the show is the comedic moments you can depend on: Midge will tell edgy jokes, Susie will drop some F-bombs, Midge's parents won't approve of her career choice, Joel will give her puppy eyes, Sophie Lennon will be up to something ... the list goes on.

And perhaps even better, these predictable scenes lend themselves nicely to a drinking game, which is a great way to soak in these last final episodes while having some fun. It's a marvelous time to make a classic deli sandwich – or Midge's favorite, brisket – pour yourself a nice beverage, and enjoy watching with friends and family. 

If you want to play along with our "Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" drinking game, here are the rules:

Have a sip when...

1. Abe and Rose Weissman bicker, especially if Midge finds herself in the middle, or if Zelda, the housekeeper, chimes in.

2. Joel and Midge have a tender will-they-won't-they moment. This can include shared eye contact that lasts a beat too long, a tender smile, or dialogue where they express their support for each other.

3. Midge runs into Lenny Bruce at a club or bails him out of jail.

4. Abe shares some advice no one asked for or waxes poetic about the mysteries of the universe.

5. Midge gets heckled during one of her sets.

6. Susie Myerson says, "Tits up!" to Midge before she goes on stage.

7. Susie answers the phone, "Susie Myerson & Associates?"

8. Susie and Midge have a meeting at the Stage Deli.

9. Midge runs into Dr. Benjamin Ettenberg whom she jilted after he proposed to her in season 2.

10. Abe and Moishe bicker. Abe and Moishe shared a tender moment after Moishe's heart attack in Season 4. Will their friendship remain calm and kind? Or will they be back to their fast-paced arguments?

11. Susie has to deal with Sophie Lennon's outlandish demands.

12. Rose attempts to use her matchmaking talents on characters in the show.

13. Susie gets a favor from or owes a favor to mafia guys turned friends, Frankie and Nicky.

Have a few sips when...

1. Lenny Bruce gives Midge some course correcting and sets her back on the right path.

2. Rose worries that Miriam's career will ruin the family's reputation and isn't supportive. Or if Rose makes an insulting comment to Midge about her chosen career path.

3. Midge and Sophie's rivalry comes to the fore, especially on stage or in public.

4. Susie drops a profanity-laden monologue.

Finish your drink when

Midge says, "My name is Mrs. Maisel. Thank you and goodnight!"