Japanese Restaurant Zuma Is Opening A New Italian Location

Zuma seems intent on conquering the world, and judging by the results, the restaurant brand is well on its way. Since being founded by German chef Rainer Becker and Arjun Waney in 2002, the Japanese izakaya-style dining concept has expanded from its original location in London's Knightsbridge neighborhood to 22 far-flung locations around the globe. In addition to its permanent dining fixtures, Zuma has also specialized in opening seasonal pop-ups in some of the world's most beautiful destinations.

In recent years, this worldwide expansion has included three forays into Italy. Zuma opened a permanent restaurant in Rome in 2016 and has since announced two seasonal pop-ups in Italian resort areas. The first, in 2022, was opened at the Cervo Tennis Club in Porto Cervo, Sardinia — a seasonal engagement that dovetailed nicely with the 20th anniversary of the Zuma brand. The second pop-up, meanwhile, will open this summer on the island of Capri, near Naples, where Zuma will debut its latest venture at a five-star luxury resort, the brand recently announced via press release.

”Following the success of our restaurant in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, in summer 2022, we were really excited to see the appetite for Zuma in Italy," Rainer Becker noted in the recent announcement. "After exploring the market, we are looking forward to opening our third restaurant on the beautiful island of Capri in partnership with Capri Palace Jumeirah."

What to expect at Zuma's Capri pop-up restaurant

Residents of Anacapri in Capri — population 7,000 or so — won't be the only ones excited to learn that Zuma is bringing its Japanese-style cuisine to the island resort town this summer. The seasonal restaurant's location, according to the recent press release, will be on the rooftop of the Capri Palace Jumeirah resort, over 300 meters above the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps not coincidentally, Zuma's first Italian pop-up in Porto Cervo also featured gorgeous rooftop views.

No, reservations aren't available as yet, at least for the restaurant — the luxury resort presumably is already booking its 67 rooms and suites, but per the press release, they'll be available soon on their website. Zuma Capri should fit right in with the Capri Palace Jumeirah's fine arts aesthetic. Its White Museum, for example, is home to a private art collection, and the resort's 18 suites all feature artworks in the style of acknowledged modern masters like René Magritte and Joan Miró. Culinary art is also well represented, including chef Andrea Migliaccio's L'Olivo, which is the island's only eatery to garner two coveted Michelin stars.

Zuma Capri will be open seven nights a week this summer, with dinner service beginning at 7 p.m. Like other Zuma locations, the restaurant will showcase izakaya-style offerings.