25 Best Food Gifts For Mother's Day 2023

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Mother's Day comes every year and, despite knowing precisely what day it is, we still scramble to find the perfect gift to give. After all, what gift could possibly convey the appreciation and care that all mothers deserve? For many moms, food is a love language and you can communicate your love for mom in a way she will cherish and remember forever with a great food or cooking gift. Whether your mom is a foodie or simply loves to indulge in sweet treats, there are plenty of options out there that are sure to put a smile on her face.

We've rounded up some of the best food gifts for mom that are both delicious and heartfelt. So skip the generic flowers this year and give your mom a gift that will truly satisfy her taste buds or help her out in the kitchen, no matter what kind of budget you're working with.

1. Pineapple collaborative olive oil

Olive oil can be expensive, especially if you are opting for something that will actually taste good. A good jug of olive oil can add flavor and healthy fat to dozens of meals, so why not gift mom something that will make her think of you every time she whips out the saute pan? 

This jug of oil from the Pineapple Collaborative is made with organic Arbosana & Koroneiki olives grown by the Ricchiuti family of the ENZO Olive Oil Company. It's both extra-virgin and organic. All of the oil is made by olive oil maker Kathryn Tomajan, a master oleologist.

2. Fellow coffee subscription

Many moms rely on a hot cup of coffee to prepare themselves to take on the world. The same old bag of grocery store coffee can get boring after a while, but a coffee subscription can spice things up. This subscription from the coffee nerds at Fellow has been expertly curated to connect the best roasters in the world straight to your morning cup of joe.

Choose from two different pricing tiers, as well as light or dark roast and frequency of delivery. Every bag of coffee is roasted to order — no sitting around in a warehouse getting stale.

3. Botanical shortbread cookies

A sweet little bite or treat can brighten anyone's day, and your mom is sure to love these thoughtful and botanically-inspired shortbread cookies. Each package includes two different flavors of cookies: vanilla and strawberry. Each flavor comes dipped in either white or dark chocolate and is sprinkled with a rainbow confetti of edible dried flowers. 

The flowers include daisies, violets, calendula, cornflower, and dried rose petals, and are all picked from maker Juliette Lubin's garden in the Hudson Valley in New York. Save them for a special dessert or serve them at tea time for an afternoon pick-me-up.

4. Tea gift box

Most people that drink tea already have a certain flavor or brand they are partial to. While they may be afraid to try something new, a tea-tasting kit can be a great gift that they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves. 

This beautifully designed collection from Korean tea company Osulloc is almost too pretty to consume. Each flavor is based on various tastes of Korea, from canola flower and honey to Samdayeon tangerine. A good mix of white, green, and black teas suits every taste and preference. The tea leaves are grown on the subtropical Korean island of Jeju, making a great conversation starter over some shared mugs of hot tea.

5. Matching mama mug and sippy cup

Sure, you might be too old to share this gift with your mom, but that doesn't mean that a mom friend in your life wouldn't love this adorable matching mug set. What parent doesn't love to match with their little one? 

It comes with a mom-sized ceramic mug for coffee or tea and a smaller toddler cup with a sippy cup top. The top is removable, so baby can continue to use the cup as they grow. It's also made of 100% BPA-free melamine that's dishwasher-safe. There are several patterns and designs to choose from, so you can pick the perfect one to suit any taste or style.

6. Recipe book

No one makes food quite like mom, but there is a way to make sure that her recipes live on for decades to come. Gift mom a gorgeous coil-bound recipe book, full of pages designed to help jot down amazing dishes. There are sections for ingredients, instructions, and smaller details like cooking time and serving size.

This handmade book is split into five sections: soup and salad, starters and snacks, side dishes, main dishes, and desserts and drinks. In total, the book can hold up to 110 recipes — more than enough space to preserve all the family favorites.

7. Harry & David brunch box

Not going to be able to take mom out to brunch this year? Don't worry — Harry and David has you covered. Their gorgeous brunch box has everything necessary for a decadent brunch, minus the crowds and overpriced mimosas. 

The kit comes with a pack of four Wolferman's super-thick English muffins, plus a triple cheese and caramelized onion quiche, thick slices of Canadian bacon, a lemon poppyseed cake, and a jar of tasty marionberry preserves, all wrapped up in a pretty-as-can-be hat box. For an extra $20, you can add on a bottle of pinot gris to make sure mom really has a special day.

8. Aurora Grace chocolate gift box

Anthropologie has a lock on all things that moms love. This year, they've teamed up with Aurora Grace to offer a truly jaw-droppingly beautiful box of hand-painted truffles. Each box comes with 15 flavors, ranging from salted honey tahini to white chocolate peanut butter to liquid salted caramel. 

The floral design on the box is a work of art and so much better than a perishable bouquet of flowers, plus it comes with a special message just for mom. Chocolatier Aurora Grace is based in Philadelphia and makes every chocolate with sustainably sourced ingredients that are local and organic wherever possible.

9. Empanada meal kit

Most moms know the secret to saying "I love you" without actually uttering a word: cooking someone a delicious meal. Even if you can't be with mom in person this year, you can send her this fun empanada meal kit. Each kit comes with 12 (or 24, your choice) traditional beef empanadas, plus a llajua sauce, all crafted by Argentinian culinary legend Francis Mallmann (yes, that Francis Mallmann).

The empanadas are made traditionally (which is to say baked, not fried) and stuffed with sirloin, onions, eggs, olives, and spices. Just pop them in the oven and a few minutes later, dinner's ready.

10. Vacuum Flask

A great kitchen product should be as beautiful as it is functional. That's precisely why this vacuum-sealed flask from Ikea is a touching gift that will see use for years to come. Whether you use it to serve hot coffee during an elegant brunch or to hold water on your bedside table, this flask features a great design that will fit with any decor style.

The flask on its own can make a great gift, but you could always add a fancy tea or bag of coffee to the gift to add a touch more personalization. Invite mom to watch the sunset while you sip a hot drink and talk about favorite memories.

11. Spring picnic charcuterie box

Some tasty snacks make for a perfect picnic and could lead to a few memories that will last a lifetime. This gift box from Mouth comes in two sizes, with the smaller containing a block of Plymouth artisan cheddar cheese, Short Creek Farm garlic scape salami, Maine Crisp savory fig and thyme crisps, lemon zest flavored almonds from Giddy Up Nuts, and a dark chocolate bar infused with Idukki pepper by Madhu Chocolate. 

The large box comes with all that plus some finocchiona salami by Coro Foods, Nettle Meadow triple cream cheese, Moonshot rosemary garlic crackers, and a 70% dark chocolate bar from Dandelion Chocolate.

12. Heart-shaped tea bags

It's a widely known fact that all moms love tea (alright, alright, most moms). Show your mom how much you love her with every dunk and sip with these heart-shaped tea bags. Each box comes with three flavors of tea: English breakfast, Earl Grey, and white berry. Each bag of tea is perfectly shaped like a heart to communicate tender feelings of love and kindness.

Pair these with a box of cookies or fun sugar cubes to elaborate the gift, or give it on its own and show up in person to share a mug with mom.

13. La Jefa Bowl

La jefa translates to "the boss," in Spanish, but is also an endearing term for mom, the family's matriarch. Masienda just released a gorgeous ceramic pottery collection, including a large bowl appropriately named after the best woman in your life. A big bowl like this brings to mind big meals with family gathered around the dining table with everyone grabbing at the rolls or tamales inside.

Each piece is handmade by La Chicharra and features a natural glaze in colorways like "tierra," "luna," and "ceniza." The ceramic is both microwave and dishwasher-safe, so it will last for years to come.

14. Summer cocktail mixer kit

Every mom needs a survival kit for tough days. Luckily, this handmade kit of cocktail mixers is here to save the day. Each bottle can be used to add flavor to simple cocktails. 

The sangria mixer adds citrus and fruit flavors to any bottle of red, white, or rosé wine. The blueberry and lavender flavor is designed to be paired with gin or vodka and adds a deep flavor of Maine berries. for mixing with tequila or mezcal, the grapefruit and rosemary flavor is tart and herbal with a good kick of citrus. Even without booze, these mixes can add flavor to seltzer, iced tea, or even fresh lemonade.

15. Olive Oil Sea Salt Vanilla Candle

Looking for a gift that will help your mom unwind and relax? A scented candle is a perfect option. There's nothing quite like the warm glow of a candle to create a cozy and calming atmosphere. 

This beautiful candle is infused with culinary scents such as olive oil, sea salt, and vanilla. The scent was inspired by a town situated on the Gulf of Corinth in Greece. Made with plant-based wax that's nontoxic and eco-friendly, each lighting calls to mind the endless azure blue waters and balmy breezes of the Ionian and Mediterranean seas.

16. Ivory and Grey Kitchen Mat

Anyone who spends any time in the kitchen knows how long hours on your feet can lead to foot pain and back issues with time. If your mom loves to cook, why not gift her an ergonomic, nonslip kitchen mat? This ivory and grey geometric option from World Market is as beautiful as it is useful, and sure to fit most design styles. 

The mat is made of high-quality PVC, which makes it durable and easy to clean. Every time your mom steps on the mat and feels the welcome relief that a padded kitchen mat can provide, she will remember your thoughtful gift-giving and cherish you forever.

17. Sourdough bread kit

Sometimes, a great gift can lead to a newfound hobby. That is (hopefully) the case with this sourdough bread kit, which comes with almost everything you need to start baking delicious loaves of sourdough bread at home. Each kit comes with a bread-proofing basket with liner, scoring lame with protector and five blades, metal and plastic bench scrapers, a dough whisk, a cleaning brush, and an instruction manual.

In addition to the tools, the gift recipient also receives access to the Superbaking community, where you can get and share tips, tricks, recipes, and more. The kit doesn't come with any sourdough starter, but you can get some from an artisan bakery for next to nothing.

18. Artisan vinegar

There are so many great and unexpected uses for vinegar beyond just making salad dressing. Vinegar can be used to aid digestion, clean fruits and vegetables, and add flavor to fruit desserts. These artisan vinegars from Acid League make great gifts due to some beautiful packaging and delicious flavors which will undoubtedly lead to culinary inspiration.

Each bottle contains raw, unfiltered vinegar full of living bacterial culture, as well as natural flavorings straight from the garden. The inventive flavors can add variety to even a dull dinner, with choices like Meyer lemon honey, garden heat, and strawberry rosé.

19. Garlic dome and saucer

Garlic keepers can help keep garlic in the most ideal conditions to last as long as possible. This ceramic garlic dome and saucer is functional and stylish, all in a sweet (and affordable) little package. The pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe, though it's mostly meant for decoration purposes. 

Instead of garlic skin flying everywhere and making a mess, this set keeps everything nice, tidy, and corralled in the rimmed saucer. Swing by the farmer's market and pick up some bulbs of organic garlic or a nice baguette to pair with the dish to enhance the gift.

20. Lemon curd almond cake

If you don't have the baking chops (or time) to show up on mom's door with a baked good made at home, that doesn't mean you can't still communicate the same feelings of appreciation and love. This tender gluten-free almond cake from Little Bee Baking is filled with a fresh and springy-y lemon curd and is topped with a creamy lemon buttercream. 

Delivered straight to your door, this cake is a nice little bite of sunshine that's great for teatime, dessert, or even breakfast (we won't tell). Each one is baked at a friendly neighborhood bakery in San Francisco's Bernal Heights.

21. Omakase berry butter

West-bourne is the LA-based cafe on a mission to create better pantry essentials that taste good and do good, both for the community and the planet. West-bourne's Omakase strawberry butter goes perfectly on scones, toast, or swirled into a bowl of yogurt.

Using berries that would otherwise be discarded, the jam is completely vegan and made with just four ingredients: strawberries, apples, agave syrup, and lemon juice. Pair it with a bag of house muffin mix or a bottle of California avocado oil. It's a perfect accouterment for a mom who likes to bake (or simply enjoys delicious spreads.

22. Fancy pasta

If your mom loves to cook and enjoys indulging in delicious meals, a fancy pasta gift is a great way to show her your appreciation this Mother's Day. There are countless gourmet pasta options available that are both delicious and visually appealing, like this lingua di suocera pasta from Italy

This unique and decadent gift is sure to impress any foodie mom. Pair the pasta with a high-quality artisanal sauce, and you've got a meal fit for a queen. Whether your mom prefers classic tomato-based sauces or more exotic options like pesto or vodka cream sauce, there are plenty of choices to satisfy her taste buds.

23. Greek cuisine gift box

Many moms love to cook and experiment with new flavors, which makes a Greek spice kit the perfect gift for Mother's Day. This kit includes a selection of authentic Greek spices and herbs, carefully curated to create traditional Greek dishes bursting with flavor.

From fragrant oregano and savory thyme to pungent garlic and tangy lemon, these spices will take your mom's cooking to the next level. Whether she's whipping up a classic moussaka or experimenting with her own Greek-inspired recipes, these spices will add depth and complexity to her dishes. Each tub is printed with tips and recipes for using the spice blends.

24. Spring pretzel box

For the mom with a sweet tooth, a chocolate-covered pretzel gift box is a surefire way to make her day extra special. Crunchy, salty pretzels are coated in yogurt to create a delectable treat that's perfect for indulging. The contrast of sweet and salty flavors makes for a truly mouthwatering combination that your mom won't be able to resist. 

These gift boxes come in a variety of tasty flavors, from blueberry to raspberry to key lime. Not only is this gift delicious, but it's also a thoughtful way to show your mom that you're thinking of her.

25. Bang Bang Pie hot sauce

Anybody can get a regular ol' hot sauce at the grocery store, but an artisan variety can elevate even the humblest of dishes. If your mom has a taste for the extra-hot, gift her this Louisiana-style hot sauce from Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits in Chicago. 

Whether you add it to chili or use it to flavor scrambled eggs, this hot sauce is as tasty as it is versatile. Add a bag of gravy spice or biscuit mix to the order to build your own gift box. The memory of this thoughtful gift will linger long after the last crumb has been eaten.