Tesla Debuts Cybertruck-Inspired Beer At $100 For 3 Bottles

Electric cars, gym shorts, and tequila. Such are the products that Elon Musk's Tesla has sold to the public, a company that is focused on electric vehicles and the occasional marketing gimmick. Now, the brand can add beer to its list of products with the launch of GigaBier, a German-brewed pilsner complete with flashy and futuristic packaging.  

This brew is at least two years in the making, as Musk first dropped hints for the GigaBier back in 2021 in Germany. Described as "brewed for cyborgs, made by humans," the hoppy beer is full of the tongue-in-cheek nerd humor signature of Tesla (via CNN). After all, this is the company that built a fart sound machine into their cars.  

Getting your hands on this limited-edition brew can be a bit tricky. First, you have to live in one of the 17 countries in Europe where the beer can be shipped to. Second, this sci-fi-tinged pilsner will cost a pretty penny, roughly $100, when converted from its original 89 euro price tag. So what are you getting for your C-note?

GigaBier may be the beer of the future

The beer is sold in a box set of three bottles, each one intended to be shaped like the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck and stamped with a glow-in-the-dark GIGA watermark. As noted on the GigaBier Tesla website, the 5% ABV GigaBier offers flavors of bergamot, sweet fruit, and citrus and is brewed with an "exclusive strain of Cyberhops." 

The Cybertruck, the vehicle that the beer pays tribute to, is a hotly awaited and continuously delayed project that was first announced in 2019. Each year since then, Musk has claimed that production was close at hand, per Fortune. Until then, the GigaBier project may be hoping to keep consumers' interest in the Cybertruck alive while Tesla battles delays.  

GigaBier is preceded by Tesla's Tequila, a $250 spirit sold in a lightning bolt-shaped bottle. This product sold out quickly, something that Tesla hopes to duplicate with its new pilsner.  Depending on the success of this latest beer experiment, this may not be the last Tesla drink item brought to market.