When Serving Pot Pie, Flip It Upside-Down. Here's Why

Personalized pot pies have been around for decades, starting after World War II with the introduction of Swanson Company's chicken pot pie. Nowadays, you can purchase beef, turkey, or chicken filling. Marie Callender's even offers a version made with a cauliflower crust or a meatless filling option with broccoli and cheddar. 

While homemade pot pie is undeniably the best-tasting option, sometimes heating up a small frozen pot pie is the only possibility thanks to its convenience. You may even crave those small pot pies because they were a staple of your childhood with their chunks of chicken, mixed vegetables, and buttery crust.

Most personal-size pot pies are baked into a buttery crust in an aluminum shell, which can cause some issues when it comes time to heating and eating the little pie for lunch. Whether it's the crust sticking to the shell or scooping out uneven forkfuls of filling, the crust can almost inhibit the enjoyment of eating the pot pie. But, there is an easy solution that will help fix that problem — flip it over.

The perfect forkful of pie

Follow the heating directions as listed on the packaging, but when it comes to eating the hot pot pie, a new approach will help to achieve the perfect bite of the savory meal. By flipping the cooked pot pie upside down onto a plate, it's easier to get a forkful every time that includes vegetables, meat, and crust. You can also move a butter knife around the edges of the pot pie to loosen the pie crust from the baking shell and then turn it over and gently push on the center of the aluminum shell to get the pie to drop out neatly. Another advantage of eating the pot pie flipped over onto the plate is it prevents the scenario of the last few bites consisting only of the crust you have scraped off the aluminum shell. 

This little trick will have you stocking your freezer with the small pot pies for every meal.