Starbucks' Summer 2023 Menu Was Reportedly Leaked With New Coffee Blend

Starbucks has had its suite of iconic coffee blends for quite some time now: French Roast, Pike Place, and Sumatra should all ring bells for avid fans of the chain. Typically, the coffee giant relies on Arabica coffee beans to create its wide range of blends and roasts, and it's gotten even more creative for a new coffee blend that will be hitting stores in the summer of 2023.

In the fall of last year, Starbucks wanted to create a blend in honor of its partners and employees that was commemorative of the brand. Out of the blonde, medium, and dark roasts, Starbucks asked its partners what kind of coffee beans they preferred, and a whopping 40% of them answered: blonde roast. It's no surprise that this is the case, as blonde roast has both a smooth and nutty finish that makes it palatable and mellow for any coffee drinker — beginners and experts alike. With this in mind, Starbucks created a blend that may become the new go-to order for blonde roast aficionados.

Green Apron Blend is lively and bright

The Green Apron Blend was developed and tested by Starbucks partners back in October 2022 with beans from Latin America and Africa that have been ever so lightly roasted. The name of the blend references the green aprons worn by Starbucks baristas. According to Instagram user @markie_devo — who also leaked Starbucks' fall and Holiday menu last year — the Green Apron Blend might hit stores on May 9, 2023, amid the Starbucks union struggle.

The blend reportedly has notes of graham cracker and Honeybell orange. This promising new drink aims to stand out from the two existing blonde roast blends, Veranda and Sunset, which are both made from Latin American beans. With a unique mix of African and Latin American beans, the upcoming drink has the possibility of becoming the next hit blonde roast fusion.

Other items coming to Starbucks summer 2023

Other items reportedly on the Summer 2023 Starbucks menu are two new coffee drinks (a Chocolate Java Mint Frapp and White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew) and a bumblebee cake pop. While there are no details on what the cake pop will taste like, it — unsurprisingly — resembles a smiling yellow bee.

The Instagram post also shared a planned collaboration for new reusable cups with artist Tim Singleton. Singleton is an illustrator from Canada, whose work features bold graphics with bright colors. According to TikToker @coffeepassport, Starbucks will release additional cups this summer in honor of Pride month designed by the artist.

Starbucks neither confirmed nor denied the rumor and told Tasting Table in a statement: "While we can't wait for summer to come, we're still soaking up spring and enjoying the new Cinnamon Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew." Still, Starbucks' 2022 summer menu was released in early May, so the speculated release date might not be too far off.