What Type Of Fish Is Best For Fish Sticks

When it comes to nostalgic foods, fish sticks might be at the top of the list. For many of us, this was a classic meal growing up, and no matter how routine, it always seemed to hit the spot with nothing more than ketchup or tartar sauce on the side. Fish sticks are an American staple that became popular in the 1950s (after the introduction of "fish bricks" failed miserably). Households with children seem to especially love fish sticks as most kids will settle for a minute to gobble down these tasty treats. Beyond pleasing the youth, you will not find many adults who turn fish sticks down, and it's said that even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was a big fan.

Fish sticks' appeal tends to be focused on appearance and texture — most people would describe a fish stick with words like "golden," "crispy," or "tender." Less attention is given to the actual type of fish under the breading, and most would simply cast it off as not important. Yet, with many brands and varieties on the market today, knowing the actual fish content can make a difference and help you can pick out the tastiest one. 

Where else but from Alaska

Similar to what's in the best for fish cakes, we see a wide range of white fish being used in fish sticks, with a preference given to the more firm fish varieties. But the fish sticks that rise above the rest are made primarily with Alaskan pollock. From the cold waters of the Bering Sea, the consistency and flavor of this pollock is the X-factor for some truly mouthwatering fish sticks. In addition, pollock is protein-rich and packed with omega-3s so you can fuel and replenish yourself and any kids around (as if they need more energy). There is a reason the Alaskan pollock is commonly used in fish sandwiches and even imitation crab: it has a delicious flavor that does not overwhelm with its fishiness. The fish meat flakes off beautifully, which is just what you want under the crusty exterior of a fish stick. 

If you have a store near you, it is hard to beat Trader Joe's Lightly Breaded Fish Sticks which are made from high-quality Alaskan pollock and is one of the healthier choices out there. For those who prefer more breaded crisp, check out The Ultimate Fish Stick from Trident Seafoods which is also made of fresh Alaskan Pollock. 

Fish sticks are great for those crazy busy weeknights and with a little extra diligence, you can bring one home that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.