If Your Veggie Burgers Break Apart While Cooking, Try This Simple Tip

Veggie burgers have become a popular alternative to traditional beef burgers, thanks to their health benefits and ethical considerations. However, one common issue that many home cooks face when making veggie burgers is how to keep them from falling apart during the cooking process. If you're tired of ending up with a crumbly mess on your plate, then you might need to rethink how you keep your veggie burgers intact.

Before hitting the grill or pan, one major tip is to use a binding agent with your burger, such as egg or breadcrumbs, to help hold the patty together. This can be particularly helpful if you're using a particularly crumbly mixture. Just be careful not to overdo it with the binding agent, as this can affect the texture and flavor of the veggie burger. 

However, once you've formed the burgers and it's time to set them on the grill or stovetop, there is still potential for them to fall apart due to extra liquid and moisture from the patties. Here are a few more tricks to keep them together — all it takes is a bit of patience and lots of heat. 

Don't be tempted to touch or flip your veggie burgers prematurely

You'll first want to get your pan or grill extremely hot and doused with oil to ensure a successful batch of veggie burgers. Then, place the patties on the surface and allow them time to sear and form a crust on one side before attempting to flip them over. Although it may be tempting to move the patties around, this can make for a mushy mess since they aren't fully cooked. It's best to let the high temperature and oil do their thing to keep the mixture solid and allow the burger to cook evenly without premature flipping them. You can also use a non-stick pan or lightly grease the cooking surface to help prevent sticking.

Since veggie burgers may lack the fats and binders that normal meat patties have, keeping them together can be a challenge. But these few simple tips and tricks can help allow you to enjoy these equally delicious and hearty burgers without the mess. Remember to avoid overhandling the patties and wait until they have a good sear before pressing or touching them — and you'll be on your way to veggie burger success in no time.