Why Bordelaise Is The Perfect Sauce For Grilled Steak

If you're looking for advice on how to elevate your grilled steak, Tasting Table couldn't think of a better expert to ask than Dustin Green, director of the Weber Grill Academy and Head Grill Master. Green not only grew up cooking on his father's black Weber kettle grill, but also graduated from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute.

We asked Green what the best sauce to pair with grilled steak is and his answer revealed a depth of knowledge all grilling enthusiasts can benefit from. His first recommendation is that the sauce be homemade above all else, but for grilled steak, specifically, he told us, "I like a good bordelaise sauce. Red wine pairs extremely well with red meat."

Not only did Green share the recommendation about making your sauce from scratch, but he also offered up some tips for creating the perfect bordelaise to pair with grilled steak — including ways to add your own unique flavor twist.

The best bordelaise sauce isn't hard, but it does require a little patience

At its most basic, bordelaise is a classic red wine-based sauce that starts out with a simple sauté of shallots and garlic in a little oil. Considered a variation of the French mother sauce espagnole, bordelaise is less complicated than you might think and shouldn't intimidate cooks who haven't been to culinary school. (While making your own demi-glace for the sauce is certainly an option, if you're pressed for time or already feeling a bit in over your head, a store-bought demi-glace will give you the richness the bordelaise sauce requires without the effort.)

After simmering the shallots and garlic, Green suggests you add aromatics like rosemary or thyme before deglazing the pan with red wine and reducing your sauce. The grilling expert also recommends cooks "add in some beautiful mushrooms;" A classic steak pairing, the earthy ingredient will give your dish another layer of depth and flavor.

Green's three bordelaise sauce pro tips: allow the garlic and shallots to sweat a bit, make sure to properly reduce the red wine, and finally, don't forget the butter at the end!