The Clever Instant Pudding Hack Bakers Love For A Quick Cake Frosting

Bakers! Do you struggle with the consistency of your frostings? Struggle or no struggle, this hack is for you.

Anyone who loves to bake knows that if you're making frosting that you intend to pipe onto cupcakes or a cake, getting the right consistency is key. The classic option is to make a buttercream frosting. It's got a smooth, silky texture and the fat in the butter makes it pipeable and gives it body. 

While buttercream frostings tend to be very tasty, they can feel a bit too rich and thick when eaten. If you're topping an already rich cake with a rich buttercream, it's a heavy dessert. If you're looking, however, for a frosting that is light and airy, yet stable and pipeable enough for cake decorating, then you might want to visit your pantry or hit the baking aisle at your local supermarket. It turns out that adding some instant pudding mix to whipped topping and milk can make a frosting that is a quick lightweight alternative to buttercream — and it might even last longer.

Lightweight yet sturdy

Adding instant pudding mix to frosting not only gives it a light and fluffy texture, but it also adds flavor. Traditional buttercream frosting is simply made with butter and confectioners' sugar, plus a little bit of added milk or cream. Because the base of the recipe is butter, the frosting doesn't have a ton of inherent flavor unless you add extracts like vanilla or almond extract. On the other hand, pudding mix is flavored, so you can add a fun, subtle taste to your frosting like pistachio, vanilla, or white chocolate. 

Another reason that a pudding mix-based frosting might appeal to you is texture and durability. Buttercream doesn't hold up well in warmer temperatures and can't sit at room temperature for too long without drooping and losing its shape and texture. If you make frosting with pudding mix, you'll get a lighter frosting that will last for hours as the mix helps to stabilize it.

To make this special frosting, you can combine your favorite instant pudding mix with milk and a whipped topping like Cool Whip, or you can actually add it to your favorite buttercream recipe. It's an easy, handy trick to help you make perfect frosting every time.