The Fresh Ingredients To Amplify The Peach Flavor In Bellinis

Pancakes, omelets, hashbrowns — brunch is known for being decadent and delicious. But the meal is not complete until you have considered what beverages to pair alongside your favorite dishes. When you want something sweet and flavorful, the simple peach Bellini is always an excellent choice.

Bellinis are commonly served at brunch but are also a good option for happy hour or any time you're craving the signature combination of sweet and tart. The star of this Italian beverage is the peach — traditionally, the white peach, known for its full and juicy flavor. While the recipe for Bellinis is relatively simple, there are a few easy ways to amplify the nuance in the peach flavor and get the most out of your short ingredients list. By using fresh ingredients and a few flavor hacks, you can make the best Bellini you have ever had, right in your home kitchen.

What is a Bellini?

A Bellini is a sweet and tart cocktail typically served at brunch. It is similar to, but not the same as, a mimosa. While both drinks have a base of champagne or prosecco, a mimosa is defined by orange juice, while a Bellini uses peach puree. You only need these two ingredients for this beverage to be complete, and its ability to be both simple and luxurious is part of why this is such a beloved cocktail. 

The Bellini was first created in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy. He named his creation after the artist Giovanni Bellini. The drink became a hit at Harry's Bar, and its reputation only expanded. Today, you'll find Bellinis on drink menus across the world. While you can have a Bellini at any time, its origins are as an aperitivo, which is the Italian tradition of a pre-meal drink.

How to make a fresh Bellini

While you could buy pre-made peach puree, your Bellinis will be automatically elevated if you make your own puree from fresh peaches. Cipriani, the drink's creator, favored white peaches. Start by peeling and pitting your peaches. Chop what is left into chunks that will go easily into your blender.

Peach puree is what you get when you blend peaches until you are left with a smooth, honey-like liquid. But if you want to amplify the natural sweetness and subtle tartness of the peach, you can add a couple of other ingredients to your blender as well. Juice a fresh lemon and add this to your blender with the peach chunks. This will make the flavor extra bright. You can also add a sweetener — either sugar (try simple syrup for easier blending) or some high-quality honey will do the trick. 

After you blend your ingredients, strain the puree through a mesh sieve to remove any of the thicker pulp that would be hard to drink. Add 4-6 tablespoons of peach puree to a chilled flute glass, then add a little champagne or prosecco to dilute it. Mix with a spoon until blended, then fill the rest of the glass with more bubbly. Cheers!