The Spoon Hack To Keep Strainers Stable Over Bowls

A fine mesh strainer is a kitchen must-have. It can help you accomplish so many tasks with ease. Straining, draining, sifting, and dusting would not be the same without one of these babies. The mesh basket can help you separate liquids and food particles that you would otherwise have to spend copious amounts of time fishing out with a spoon. Strainers make it possible to drain pasta without your precious noodles ending up in the sink and down the drain. It can also be used as a DIY steamer for veggies; to dust powdered sugar over cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet desserts; and you can even use your strainer to poach an egg. It's pretty handy.

As you explore the wonderful world of mesh strainers, you'll quickly discover they come in different sizes and can be made with different materials that range from stainless steel to plastic and even nylon. You may also figure out that when you're placing one over a bowl or pot to do its job, it can easily fall into your chosen container, making a mess in the process. Well, thanks to a former culinary producer from "The Rachael Ray Show," you may never have to deal with that problem again.

All it takes is a simple spoon

In a video posted to the Rachael Ray show website, Grant Melton, a former culinary producer for the show, shared how to make an espresso martini pudding. Of course, this dessert looks amazing and combines some delicious chocolatey flavors, but what really made us sit up and take notice was a hack Melton used to keep his strainer in place over a bowl. Melton revealed he's no stranger to having his strainer move out of place while trying to steady it. But to keep it in place, he shared a simple trick involving a spoon, and it is mind-blowing.

With the handle of the strainer dangling on one side of the bowl, and the hook on the other, Melton slips the handle of a spoon through the hook opening so the handle is outside the bowl. This trick helps distribute the weight of the strainer, helping to keep it in place as velvety-smooth chocolate pudding is poured through it. Who knew? Of course, if you are in the market for a new mesh strainer, you may want to consider one that has two hooks that are designed to fit right over the bowl's rim to keep it in place. That said, this spoon hack is worth keeping in your back pocket.