Limited-Time Strawberry Biscuits Are Coming To Popeyes

It's hard to imagine that when Alvin C. Copeland Sr. opened the very first Popeyes in 1972, he envisioned his company evolving to become one of the instigators of the chicken sandwich wars. This phenomenon began when the spicy, New Orleans-style fast food franchise introduced its chicken sandwich in 2019. The chicken sandwich wars saw customers lined up to get a coveted Popeyes sandwich in the United States and across the pond in the United Kingdom. Other retailers entered the fray, refreshing their chicken sandwiches by adding spicy sauces and revamping their bread choices. The chicken sandwich wars have been good for Popeyes, and they've expanded their number of locations, both domestically in the United States and abroad in a number of countries like South Korea, France, Romania, and India.

But Popeyes is no stranger to a limited-time offer taking off, and customers demanding another chance to try them. In 2022, Popeyes surprised a few lucky customers who frequented the locations selected for a limited run of a new item, a strawberry sweet take on the chain's delectably buttery biscuits. Evidently, market feedback on the limited rollout of Popeyes Strawberry Biscuits was positive, as they've reappeared, according to a March 27, 2023 press release, this time, for a nationwide audience.

Popeyes Strawberry Biscuits will only be available for a limited time

Get 'em while they're hot! Popeyes announced today that participating restaurants nationwide will begin serving up a new biscuit that mingles strawberry bits with the original buttery biscuit drizzled with a sweet icing. Popeyes' press release touts the Strawberry Biscuits as a "springtime pick-me-up," perfect for those who love a balance of salty and sweet flavors all in one bite.

The new Strawberry Biscuits will be priced starting at $1.79 apiece, also offered as a two-pack, priced at $2.99, or four-to-an-order for $5.39. Visitors to Popeyes will also find two new limited-time menu items at participating locations: A Family Feast Meal featuring six pieces of Popeyes signature fried chicken, two chicken sandwiches, two sides, and four biscuits, all priced at $29.99, as well as a Big Box available with either the new, white meat chicken nuggets or with two pieces of bone-in chicken, both served with two sides and a biscuit and each priced at $6.99.

These new items will only be offered for a limited time, so if you're hungry for fried chicken and biscuits get to a Popeyes sooner rather than later. Here's hoping we don't have another Popeyes war on our hands.