Shake Up Gifting A Bottle Of Wine By Choosing An Unexpected Origin

Gifting can be a challenge. Luckily, a bottle of wine tends to be a good solution, no matter the person or the occasion. Accommodating any preference and budget, it's a timeless gesture that's almost always appreciated — the key word being almost. Sometimes, bottles can miss the mark, not because of their quality but their wow factor. Consistently gifting the same kind of wine by the same maker to the same recipients can get really boring really fast. To break the cycle, why not opt for a bottle from a totally unique wine region?

There is an art to perfectly gifting wine. You want your wine to be enjoyed, either through drinking or cooking, not regifted, so it's important to select a wine that goes a step beyond. So instead of trendy options, lean towards more out-of-the-box wines (and, no, we don't mean boxed wines) from an underrated or unexpected place. Since some of the most impressive wines can come from the unlikeliest of places nowadays, the risk is minimal, while the reward is anything but!

Give the gift of (oenological) discovery

Regardless of whom you're buying for, chances are that a bottle hailing from Israel, China, or Armenia is sure to turn heads. Unlike wines from more "traditional" countries, bottles with an unexpected origin are a great conversation starter because they stray from the norm; whether you can get your hands on a bottle from Brazil, Poland, or Lebanon, these intriguing wines give others the chance to try something new.

Likewise, these international wines can also make for a more tailored gift-giving experience. If you know someone that's spent time in Bulgaria or you have friends planning a trip to Morocco, a wine from that place could make for a more thoughtful gift. Another option is to impress your friends and family by gifting them a bottle of wine that you acquired while traveling. This way, you can bring the experience of wine tourism directly to them and share a memory. To make the gift even more meaningful, consider adding an edible souvenir that pairs well with the wine.

Of course, if you're shopping for someone that's not as adventurous, it can also be worth exploring under-the-radar grape varietals from more prominent wine-making places like Italy or France. Naturally, with a whole wide world of wine still left to discover, there's no sense in limiting yourself to the same old options. It's time to ditch the safe bet and be your wine-loving friends' wild card.