Use Cooking Spray To Prevent Stains On Plastic Food Containers

You may have a range of fancy foodie gadgets and high-end cooking tools, but some of the most useful products you can keep in your kitchen are simple plastic food containers. Whether you're preparing meals for the week, cooking in large batches, or finding yourself with lots of unexpected leftovers after dinner, these containers serve as a convenient solution for storing food in your fridge or freezer.

Our trusty plastic containers can help make life easier when it comes to grab-and-go lunches and perfectly portioned servings. And since plenty of our favorite foods taste even better the next day, these essential vessels are also ideally suited for reheating all of those yummy leftovers in the microwave.

The kitchen must-haves really check all the boxes when it comes to keeping food fresh and preventing waste. However, there may be one thing about plastic food containers many of us don't love: those all-too-frequent food stains. Try as you might to scrub and scrub, some dishes and ingredients tend to leave stubborn stains after being left in the containers for longer periods of time. But if you want to prevent the mess beforehand, all you need is some cooking spray.

Spray the containers before adding food

If you've ever stored leftover pasta with tomato sauce in a plastic container, you know just how pesky that residue can be. Anything greasy, saucy, or extra acidic tends to linger on the plastic surface, even after a rinse cycle in the dishwasher. Along with the stains, the flavors and scents from its previous edible occupants might also stick around. If you're wondering why, it's because plastic, on a microscopic level, is porous. This means food particles, vapors, and bacteria can all seep into the material and seriously hold their ground.

So, to prevent the unsightly stains (and smells) from occurring in the first place, simply take your favorite nonstick cooking spray and spritz a nice, even coat into your container before adding your food. The spray adds a protective layer to the surface, so that your food's color and odor don't absorb into the plastic. And just as it helps prevent ingredients from sticking to your pan while cooking, this common kitchen product also stops food from sticking to your storage container, making it easier to eat directly or transfer onto a plate.

Thanks to this simple trick, you can save yourself all that stain-scrubbing frustration and keep your containers looking brand new for longer. Bring on the leftovers!