How Martha Stewart Gives Mac & Cheese A Tangy Bite

Nothing says comfort food like macaroni and cheese. That velvety and creamy cheese sauce dripping from the tender pasta it coats can bring tears to the eyes and ecstasy to the taste buds with a single forkful of this favorite kid's meal. Of course, mac and cheese is not just for those who recently learned how to eat with utensils. Whether you are a fan of the beloved blue and gold Kraft version of this dish or you like to make it from scratch and give it a sophisticated spin, the taste and texture of mac and cheese transcends age.

In its simplest form, mac and cheese is made using elbow pasta, cheddar cheese, milk, flour, butter, and a little salt. From this basic foundation, the sky is the limit. According Ina Garten's Instagram, the Barefoot Contessa is known to spiff up her version of this recipe using truffle butter. Rachael Ray adds a little warmth with the sweetness of nutmeg to hers, per her website. And Food Network reveals Guy Fieri really places his thumbprint on this recipe by adding bacon to his mac and cheese. But if you are looking to add a tangy bite to your rendition of this nostalgic food, Martha Stewart offers mac and cheese fans the perfect ingredient to do just that.

Try adding this cheesy combo

Martha Stewart's mac and cheese recipe contains all the usual suspects when it comes to the ingredients; However, like Rachael Ray, Stewart is a fan of a little nutmeg and also likes to change the flavor of the cheese sauce by adding some mild but distinct flavors. Stewart revealed in a video demonstration on her website that in addition to cheddar cheese, she adds some Gruyere cheese along with some Pecorino Romano to create a sharp and flavorful cheesy sauce. How do these cheeses add to the perfection of mac and cheese?

Gruyere is often described as "nutty" and a little sweet when it comes to its taste. Made from raw cow's milk, it also has a lovely melting point that makes it a favorite when you are making a grilled cheese sandwich. It's no wonder Stewart uses it in her mac and cheese because this Swiss-made cheese flavor pairs perfectly with Pecorino Romano. Pecorino Romano, which is Italian in origin, is made with sheep's milk and has a deliciously savory, tangy, sweet taste. 

The depth and complexity of flavor these kinds of cheese melted together can add to your basic mac and cheese is definitely worth trying if you are looking for ways to make your cheese sauce pop.