A Bloody Mary Is The Best Way To Use Up Pickled Jalapeño Brine

Let's say you've bought a jar of pickled jalapeños for a platter of nachos or for premium hot dog toppings at your next barbecue, and after you use all the jalapeños, you're left with a whole jar of the brine left over. This brine has given the jalapeños great flavor; Must you really throw it away? It seems like a waste to toss it, but is there a way to give it a second life?

While we, as a society, might be accustomed to using leftover olive brine to make dirty martinis or to use pickle brine for a pickle-back shot, many people wouldn't think twice before dumping jalapeños brine down the sink and then recycling the jar. But before you do that, read on: It turns out there is a delicious way to use the rest of that pickled jalapeño brine.

A twist to prevent waste

In a traditional Bloody Mary recipe, tomato juice is mixed with lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. And if you have leftover pickled jalapeño brine, it has a very similar flavor profile. To use the brine instead to make a Bloody Mary cocktail, you'll first want to get the ratio of brine to tomato juice right. Mix tomato juice with a few tablespoons of the brine until you get the flavor you like. Still missing something? Try adding a little lemon juice. From there you can mix your liquor, salt, pepper, and any garnishes that you so choose. 

If you want the flavor of your liquor to more closely match the flavor profile of the spicy jalapeño-infused brine, try using tequila instead of vodka. By using the pickled jalapeño brine for your next batch of cocktails, you're reducing food waste and adding a new fun twist to a classic drink.