15 Fast Food Ice Cream Treats, Ranked Worst To Best

You've already ordered your burger, your quesadilla, or your chicken sandwich. You've gotten the fries, the tater tots, and the baked potato. Yet, there's something still missing: the dessert. When you go through the drive-thru of your favorite restaurant, you're probably pretty used to ordering all of your savory favorites. But what about the sweet stuff? These days, you can snag an ice cream treat at most major fast food chains, but that doesn't mean all of these sweet snacks are created equally. Rather, some options are way better than others, and some just aren't even worth the time or money you spend on them.

We've taken a closer look (and taste) at several fast food ice cream treats, and we've devised this ranking to help you decide what to order. Of course, these are just our personal favorites — feel free to try out all of these options and decide for yourself whether you can trust our taste. We've started with our least favorite of the bunch, and we've worked our way down to our absolute favorites. Feeling hungry? Keep reading to get a clue about what you should order the next time you're craving some ice cream.

15. Carl's Jr. Vanilla Shake

We don't want to hate on Carl's Jr. that much — to be fair, there aren't many plain vanilla shakes out there that we would deem life-changing. That being said, if there's one fast food ice cream treat that we probably wouldn't order again, it has to be Carl's Jr.'s Vanilla Shake. It's certainly creamy enough, and we guess that's all we can really ask for from a vanilla shake. But beyond that, this ice cream treat is pretty boring. It doesn't have the complexity you'd expect from actual, fresh vanilla, so you're just left with a one-note sweetness that gets old very quickly.

However, some people out there just really, really like vanilla, and if you fit into that category, you're probably not going to be too disappointed with this shake. That being said, we just wish that they added something — anything — to the mix to make things more interesting.

14. Whataburger Dr Pepper Shake

We wanted to love the Dr Pepper Shake from Whataburger. After all, it's a fan favorite, and people who frequent the fast food chain can't get enough of it. It all starts off simply enough with a vanilla soft serve base. Then, they mix in the Dr Pepper syrup to give it that signature flavor that we all know and love ... well, at least, that some of us know and love. We're definitely not opposed to a cup filled with the sweet, bubbly brown drink, but something about the lack of carbonation in this shake throws us off. You're left not with the sensation of drinking a creamy Dr. Pepper, but rather, the vanilla ice cream makes it taste like something else entirely.

Sometimes, when we sip on a Dr Pepper, we get a toothpaste-like taste in the back of our mouths, and that's exactly what we were picking up on when we took a sip of this Dr Pepper shake. It tasted vaguely like we were at the dentist's office — but a dentist that was about to lose their license for cleaning people's teeth with vanilla ice cream. It's not the worst dessert we've ever tried, but we likely wouldn't go back for a second one.

13. Shake Shack Chocolate Churro Shake

When we first heard about Shake Shack's Chocolate Churro Shake, we immediately got excited because we assumed that there would actually be pieces of fresh churro mixed into the shake. Of course, this wasn't the reality. First of all, we're talking about a fast food chain, not a sit-down restaurant with a dedicated pastry chef. Secondly, because this ice cream treat is in shake form, it doesn't really make sense for there to be big pieces of churro mixed throughout. However, we couldn't help but be disappointed after taking a sip of this chocolate churro shake.

The churro frozen custard is solid on its own, though it tastes more vaguely sweet than it does like actual churros. The spiced dark chocolate sauce adds a much-needed element to break up the relatively simple flavor of the custard on its own. Waffle cone crumbles add some texture to the mix, and it's all finished off with whipped cream. The waffle cone crumbles are a nice addition, and they make the shake infinitely more interesting than it would be if it were just all one texture. The whipped cream, though? We don't think it adds much besides excessive sweetness.

12. Burger King Oreo Cookie Shake

Most people in the world who have visited fast food restaurants have tried an Oreo cookie shake at some point in their lives. It's one of those menu items that shows up reliably on a wide variety of fast food restaurant menus, and most deem it to be a pretty safe choice. You know what ice cream and crushed-up Oreos taste like, after all. Burger King's Oreo Cookie Shake is just what you'd expect, then: the vanilla base with Oreo chunks mixed throughout. It's standard, it's simple, and it's pretty good if you're already at the drive-thru and you're craving something sweet. But is it something we'd actually go out of our way for? Probably not.

Burger King crushes the Oreos a bit too much for our taste — we'd prefer some larger cookie pieces mixed in so there'd be a bit more texture. Otherwise, though, this is a solid shake if you're not looking for anything too novel. It's likely to be a hit amongst the kids and the picky eaters.

11. Wendy's Chocolate Frosty

Wendy's doesn't offer a ton of ice cream treats compared to the competition, with its signature ice cream option coming in just two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. If you've ever tried the vanilla flavor before, you probably know it's pretty boring. The thick vanilla ice cream tastes good for about two bites before you'll decide that you want to throw the rest of it away. But if you're looking for a better, slightly more interesting option, the Chocolate Frosty isn't bad.

It's super creamy, which makes this dessert delicious on the texture front. As far as the flavor goes, it's nothing too exciting, but we don't really mind the subtlety. You're not going to get that intense chocolatey flavor you'd expect from most chocolate ice creams. Instead, this is a softer, more gentle chocolate that won't make you feel like you've eaten too much just a few bites in. Wendy's Chocolate Frosty isn't exactly groundbreaking, but it's a reliable standby when you're going through the drive-thru and you want something sweet.

10. McDonald's M&M McFlurry

Want a McFlurry from McDonald's? Good luck. If you've ever tried to order a McFlurry before, you might've been met by an employee letting you know that the ice cream machine is broken. It can be a huge bummer when you're really craving something sweet — especially if it's late at night and there aren't many other options available.

It's helpful to remember that you're not missing out on something too, too special. Don't get us wrong: We'll definitely order an M&M McFlurry on occasion. It has an unremarkable vanilla soft serve base that's surprisingly creamy. They also add in small M&M's candy to give the ice cream some color and chocolatey flavor. The result is just what you would expect from vanilla ice cream and M&M's. It's sweet, it's delicious, and it's kind of basic. This treat is a favorite for kids everywhere because there's nothing that unappealing about it. If you like ice cream and chocolate, you're probably going to enjoy an M&M McFlurry. There are more exciting ice cream treats on the market, but you're probably never going to regret ordering one.

9. In-N-Out Strawberry Shake

At most fast food chains, you'll get to choose between two main flavors: vanilla and chocolate. Sure, they might add some other ingredients into these two bases, but most of the time, you're not going to get anything too far out of these bounds. That's why we appreciate the Strawberry Shake at In-N-Out. This shake is made with real ice cream, and this fruity flavor offers a lighter, slightly more refreshing counterpart to the standard vanilla and chocolate options. If you generally like strawberry ice cream, you're probably going to enjoy this flavor as well.

We were surprised that the shake actually had a real strawberry flavor to it — it doesn't have that artificial flavor that we're used to from some strawberry ice creams. Getting through the whole cup, though, can be difficult if you don't have a serious sweet tooth. Like any single flavor of shake, it gets kind of old once you get halfway through the drink.

8. Dairy Queen Chocolate Sundae

When it comes to soft serve, no fast food joint can truly compete with Dairy Queen. Their velvety soft serve has been massively popular for years, beating out most of the other non-ice cream-focused restaurants' offerings. That's why we will always and forever love the chain's Chocolate Sundae. It's about as simple as it gets: vanilla soft serve with a drizzle of gooey chocolate syrup on top. If you like ice cream, you're probably going to love this absolutely classic combo.

So, why isn't it further along in our ranking? It all comes down to its simplicity. Yes, that simplicity is part of what makes it so great, but it just can't compete with some of the more creative offerings out there. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't order it. When you want a delicious, reliable fast food ice cream treat, it's hard to beat this creamy Dairy Queen essential.

7. Sonic Reese's Peanut Butter Cup SONIC Blast

There are few candies in this world more glorious than Reese's Peanut Butter cups. They're the perfect mix of everything you want in a candy. There's the soft, almost melty milk chocolate that encases the deliciously salty peanut butter inside. That thin layer of chocolate around the peanut butter has the perfect texture to make every bite of the candy that much more irresistible. So, essentially, anything that has Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in it is probably going to be pretty good. That's why we're fans of Sonic's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup SONIC Blast.

The real vanilla ice cream base is studded with chunks of the iconic chocolate candy. We love that they give you pretty decently sized pieces mixed into the ice cream because it makes for a texturally interesting dessert. Overall, it's still a pretty simple combination, but because there's already so much going on in Reese's cups, it works well.

6. Jack in the Box Mint Mobile Shake

We've already discussed the ubiquity of the Oreo shake at fast food joints, so it's no surprise that Jack in the Box offers more of the same. However, this fast food chain is putting a spin on the classic by adding a polarizing ingredient: mint. The Mint Mobile Shake is definitely not going to be for everyone, but if you ask us, it's one of the best ice cream treats on the fast food scene at the moment. It's got those iconic Oreo chunks in the mix, but instead of vanilla ice cream, you get to enjoy a minty flavor that pairs perfectly with the cookie pieces.

If you don't like mint, then you're probably not going to want to order the Mint Mobile Shake. But if you're the kind of person who always opts for mint ice cream, you're definitely not going to be disappointed by this treat. It's one of the few shakes that we wouldn't have a problem completely finishing.

5. Chick-fil-A Icedream

Wondering why Chick-fil-A calls its sweet treat "Icedream" and not just "ice cream"? Well, technically, this dessert can't be called ice cream because it doesn't contain enough butterfat. That doesn't mean it's not worth your time, though. It's actually really delicious, and we love the slightly different texture than what we're used to. It has an almost silky quality to it, and it feels somewhat lighter than your average ice cream cone. And even though the vanilla flavor is exceedingly simple, we think it works well, especially when you enjoy it after a fried chicken sandwich.

Chick-fil-A's Icedream is one of those sweet treats that we love indulging in on a really hot day. Because its simple flavor is essentially unfussy, it's a treat that just about everyone is guaranteed to like. Are there more interesting flavors out there at other fast food joints? Of course. But sometimes, simplicity is all you really need.

4. Steak 'n Shake Nutella Shake

Remember when we were all convinced that Nutella was an appropriate way to start the day? Well, it may not be the best breakfast food in the world, but that doesn't mean we need to banish it from our desserts as well, especially when the Steak 'n Shake Nutella Shake exists. There are plenty of chocolate shakes out there, and they all pretty much taste the same, and that's why we love this Nutella shake so much — it offers something completely different. Yes, you're going to get that intense chocolatey flavor, but you'll also pick up on the hazelnut note as well.

Although this isn't a super-complicated flavor, that extra touch of hazelnut adds a complexity that keeps us coming back for more. There are plenty of flavors to choose from on Steak 'n Shakes' shake lineup, but the Nutella flavor is an undeniable classic. Try it for yourself the next time you need a sweet counterpart to your burger and shoestring fries.

3. Arby's Jamocha Shake

Sometimes after a meal, you want dessert. Other times, you just want some coffee to help you digest. But what if you could have both ... at the same time? That's exactly what you're going to get from Arby's Jamocha Shake, which combines a creamy, chocolatey shake and plenty of coffee to give you a boost both in terms of flavor and energy. It's adorned with a chocolate drizzle and a hearty dose of whipped topping (which they probably could've left off considering the dessert is so, so sweet as it is).

We absolutely love the combination of chocolate and coffee, and this shake balances those flavors perfectly. It's definitely not what we would opt for if we just wanted a simple coffee drink. Rather, it's a good option if you're looking for dessert and just really, really love the flavor of coffee. If you haven't yet tried it for yourself, you should head to the drive-thru ASAP.

2. Culver's Banana Split Ice Cream Sundae

When you get a frozen sweet treat at Culver's, you know you're in for something special. While most fast food restaurants don't have an amazing dessert selection, that's certainly not the case here. Forget about the shakes and the boring sundaes, because at Culver's, you can snag yourself a Banana Split Ice Cream Sundae. Yes, this banana split actually comes with a fresh banana, complete with vanilla custard. Then, they pile on the toppings, including strawberry syrup, hot caramel, hot fudge, and whipped cream. The Maraschino cherry tops it off, giving it that classic banana split look we love.

It's not all about the looks, though: This sundae, simple as it may be, is delicious. The custard is ultra-thick and creamy, and when combined with a piece of banana, it'll remind you what fast food ice cream treats should be. Just keep in mind that this is a pretty hearty dessert. If you don't have a super-active sweet tooth, you may want to share it with someone else.

1. Five Guys Bacon Milkshake

If you've ever been to Five Guys before, then you already know that you can add a wide variety of add-ins to your shake. This keeps things interesting because you can mix and match different ingredients and try something new every time. However, if you had to pick just one flavor, you should go for the Five Guys Bacon Milkshake.

For those uninitiated into the world of sweet and savory desserts, this combination might sound terrible. But please, trust us when we say that this is one of the most delicious pairings on the face of this earth. How could you not love the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream combined with the salty (but still slightly sweet) flavor of the chopped applewood-smoked bacon? Those crunchy, salty bits transform your shake into something truly special. If you try no other fast food ice cream treat on this list, you have to get your hands on the Bacon Milkshake from Five Guys.