Here's How Often You Should Dump The Ice Sitting In Your Freezer

Spring or otherwise, there are certain things in your kitchen that need a good cleaning every now and again. Whether that means giving appliances a good scrub or getting rid of old ingredients, there's nothing more satisfying (and healthy) than a thorough cleaning. While ice cubes might not be the first thing on your list of items that need a refresh, that doesn't mean that the frozen little mounds shouldn't be dumped from time to time.

If you think about it, ice plays a pretty big role in the kitchen. Not only does it cool down warm bevvies and mellow stiff cocktails, but it's also necessary for blanching and even reviving vegetables that have wilted and gone a bit limp. Since it tends to be such a frequently used "non-ingredient" ingredient, making sure that ice is fresh is well worth your while. 

Unless you've spilled something in the freezer, the ice and tray or compartment that it rests in probably don't look dirty, but that doesn't mean that they aren't germy. Ice can harbor all sorts of bacteria when it comes into contact with unclean surfaces or unclean hands, which is why it's best to regularly get rid of ice, according to Hunker. But how frequently should it be tossed?

Toss out old ice every few months to keep your freezer fresh

You should be giving your freezer and all its compartments a deep cleaning on a yearly basis; however, ice itself needs to be discarded more frequently at around every few months (via Cooking Light). Aside from being a sanitary practice, getting rid of old ice is important as it can pick up odors from other foods, and eventually, these can affect its flavor. Likewise, getting rid of old ice means you can easily grab a single cube without the risk of them being all melded together.

Regardless of the fact that dumping old ice means that better ice will soon be at your disposal, you can take things one step further should you want to really ensure the quality of your cubes. Rather than keep ice cubes in the same tray or compartment that they were made in, move them into a sealable freezer bag to keep ice funk-free and fresher for longer. What are you waiting for? Get melting!