Mike's Hard Is Bringing Back Its Discontinued Limeade Flavor

The beverage scene is no stranger to comebacks. Espresso martinis, fortified wine, mezcal, and tea cocktails all enjoyed a moment in the sun last year. And fan-favorite 1990s soda SURGE saw a "resurgence" thanks to The SURGE Movement, a grassroots organization/cult following of fans whose efforts successfully brought the discontinued soda back to the market. The loyalty of dedicated foodies is arguably the eighth wonder of the world; It rains onto the consumer market with the force of a nuclear bomb. Now, longtime Mike's Hard Lemonade fans: We have some good news for you.

When the company discontinued its HARDER Limeade in 2013, a low-key Twitter war erupted. The company informed Tasting Table that its standard Hard Limeade was pulled from shelves a few years later in 2018 — and fans never forgot about it. Since then, Reddit threads have cropped up with users trying to locate it in stores around the country. The search has been as desperate as it was futile — until now. Back by popular demand, Mike's Hard Limeade has been deemed "the official drink of comebacks" in a new press release.

Getting fans thirsty for a winning streak of their own

Thanks to the steadfast loyalty of its devoted fanbase, Mike's Hard Limeade is officially returning to store shelves. Per a press release sent to Tasting Table, Limeade's comeback is rolling out in collaboration with NBA icon Mike Miller, who will be running the "Mike's Hard Comeback Hotline" just as college basketball's March Madness season gets juicy. Fans will be able to dial 1-866-TALK2MIKE and give Miller a call — sort of. While Miller himself won't be personally waiting by the phone all college basketball season long, his voice is running the hotline that offers callers three options: Vent, hear a motivational Game Day speech from Miller, or consult the athletic-oracle for a pep talk. Miller should know how to get a foodies' head in the game: After all, the athlete has played for seven different NBA teams and is actively playing in his 17th season. (More like "Mike's Hard Life Advice," are we right?) But, whether you're watching the game or running your own show, Limeade is back, and it looks like it's here to stay.

Mike's Hard Limeade is now available in variety 12-packs across retailers nationwide and standalone Limeade six-packs are on their way and should be cropping up in the next few weeks. The "new" flavor will be joining other fruity options in the Mike's Hard lineup like Black Cherry, Pineapple Strawberry, Mango, Cranberry, Apple Pear, Peach, and more.