What Is An Egg Topper?

Soft-boiled eggs are an acquired taste. When it comes to the most popular ways to eat eggs in America, soft-boiled isn't even close. According to YouGovAmerica, scrambled takes the top spot, followed by over-easy, sunny-side up, and over-medium. And in a survey from Zippia about how each state prefers its eggs cooked, most chose these other methods as well, but we'd be remiss if we didn't shout out Oklahoma and Illinois, who actually do enjoy soft-boiled eggs.

What is it about soft-boiled eggs that are so controversial? First of all, if the thought of runny yolks makes you squeamish, then this type of egg isn't for you. Although the yolk gets cooked a tiny bit, it's mostly still runny — hence the reference to a soft egg. And second, you typically need a special tool called an egg cup to eat them, which holds the eggs upright so the yolks don't spill all over your plate. But that's not the only device that will make your soft-boiled egg-eating experience a breeze. If you've never tried one before, you may want to get your hands on an egg topper.

Egg toppers make peeling soft-boiled eggs a breeze

If you live in Oklahoma or Illinois or are a soft-boiled egg fan anywhere, you may want to purchase an egg topper. Soft-boiled eggs are notoriously difficult to peel, and if you try to scrape off the peel like you would with a hard-boiled egg, your hands may end up covered in the runny yolk, which is not the intended outcome. This is where the egg cups come in handy — they'll cradle the egg while you use a spoon to tap on the side of the shell until it cracks, and then you can work your way across the egg until the top comes off. However, you may still end up with bits of broken shells in your egg if you don't follow this technique with extreme precision.

For a one-and-done way to get to the inside of an egg, try using an egg topper. And no, these have nothing to do with garnishes or ingredients to make your eggs more delicious. These little devices, which look like mini immersion blenders, pop the top off of the egg with a quick suction and minimal effort on your part. Simply place the topper over the egg, pull the handle at the top upwards, and you should be able to easily slide the top half of the shell off. Then, you can get to the real toppings like salt and pepper, and dip your toast sticks into a deliciously runny yolk.