NYC's Famous Levain Bakery To Introduce A New Cookie For Spring

Spring has officially sprung. Say goodbye to the winter blues and get in a sunshine state of mind. Sure, the weather hasn't fully warmed up yet, but it's never too early to think spring. The season of blooming flowers and later sunsets brings pastel colors, in-season produce, and — oh yeah — brand new flavors from your favorite chains. 

Look around, and it will become clear: seasonal offerings are having a moment. At the start of the month, Starbucks kicked it off with a new line of colorful drinkware. Meanwhile, other restaurants, cafes, and bakeries have likewise hopped on the trend. The most recent spring debut is a new cookie from the NYC-based Levain Bakery, which has a proven history of offering seasonal treats

Year-round, the bakery is known for its gooey, melt-in-your-mouth cookies that come in a multitude of flavors. On an average day, you can pick up one or a dozen of its six-ounce cookies that range from chocolate chip walnut to oatmeal raisin to dark chocolate peanut butter chip — just three of Levain's many popular options. And while these flavors are reason enough to stop by the Levain Bakery, the latest one is the launch of a seasonal cookie that packs spring flavors into one delightful dessert. 

Levain's caramel coconut chocolate chip cookie will put a spring in your step

Caramel coconut chocolate chip is practically a tongue twister — but the combination of flavors is anything but twisted. Just in time for spring, Levain's latest cookie combines classic flavors into one compact dessert. Just as the name suggests, the cookie includes caramel chips, dark chocolate, and, of course, shredded coconut. Are you hungry yet? 

As for where — and when — you can try this cookie, head to any Levain Bakery location beginning on April 3. The bakeries can be found dotting New York city and state, but there are also locations in Chicago, Boston, Georgetown, Bethesda, and soon Los Angeles. If you're nowhere close to a Levain, you can alternatively order the spring cookies online. These come in season-inspired packaging and are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. 

So, if you're looking to embrace spring as soon as possible, look no further than your next dessert. Sure, the flowers aren't budding quite yet, but your tastebuds are in full bloom.