NYC's Famous Levain Bakery Has A New Cookie Coming For The Holidays

The 'Christmas Creep' has already begun, and businesses and brands are beginning to announce the bounty of holiday treats that will be on offer this season.

One of those brands is Levain Bakery, which is a product of New York City and has already spread to Boston, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Levain was started by its co-founders Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald nearly 20 years ago near New York's Upper West Side. The two were competitive endurance athletes that bonded over a love of baking and soon took the world by storm by crafting their signature cookies. Delish states that the bakery's signature crispy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside cookies, including the classic chocolate chip, became the talk of the town and earned rave reviews from several publications (including Tasting Table).

It's no surprise then that its limited-time holiday offerings can generate quite the buzz. Levain recently announced its newest seasonal flavor for the happiest time of year. It is also launching a collectible tin to go along with it.

Holiday offerings launch mid-November

Levain Bakery recently shared its holiday releases with Tasting Table. This year's limited edition flavor will be a dark chocolate peppermint cookie. This will be one of Levain's signature thick dark chocolate cookie batters decked out with red and white striped chunks of peppermint throughout.

For the first time ever, Levain will also be selling a holiday collectible cookie tin. The tin will feature festive holiday illustrations by artist Libby Vanderploeg, but of course, the real stars of the show will be on the inside of the tin. It will come in three varieties, containing eight Dark Chocolate Peppermint cookies; eight of Levain's signature assortment, which includes Chocolate Chip Walnut, Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin flavors. Consumers can also choose four Dark Chocolate Peppermint cookies and four of Levain's signature assortment of cookies.

The tin will cost $20 plus the price of the selected cookies. The tin and the signature holiday flavor will both be available online at Levain's website starting in mid-November.