How Gordon Ramsay Makes 'Premiere League' Feta Canapés - Exclusive

TikTok may not be the most reliable recipe repository on the world wide web; 2022's alternating enchantment and frustration with butter boards is surely a testament to that debate. (Don't ask us to take sides!) Not everything the platform's culinary innovators dream up is an Icarus flying too close to the sun, situation, however. Had Auguste Escoffier contributed to TikTok, you might have seen him jamming out to Megan Trainor and making delicious foods drenched in béchamel, velouté, espagnole, hollandaise, and tomato sauces. His hypothetical presentation might have been a little bit — should we say energetic? — but, he wouldn't have been wrong, right?

That's roughly the way Gordon Ramsay feels about the platform's fascination with feta. "Across the pandemic, as you know, feta became this instant viral hit because everyone was roasting it with tomatoes," he reflected to Tasting Table in an exclusive interview. But the chef doesn't actually hate the soft cheese or social media's obsession with it — quite the opposite. "I've spent a lot of time in the Mediterranean. There's something quite unique about feta," Ramsay told us. 

Ramsay doesn't suggest roasting feta with tomatoes, but he does think the cheese is worth talking about and gave Tasting Table a "five-star restaurant" feta canapé suggestion to prove it.

Combine feta with this ingredient for an elevated, five-star canapé

Ramsay developed this recipe as part and parcel of a partnership with Triscuit — and suggests using those crackers, specifically for this recipe. "I took this relationship with Triscuit very seriously. I put my chefs to the test, and I elevate[d] these canapés," Ramsay told us in an exclusive interview. "How do we get into this Premier League of canapés with this peaceful biscuit?"

Take or leave the crackers; It's up to you. But whatever your feelings about the biscuits are, do pay attention to the toppings. "When you blitz and puree feta," Ramsay said, it brings the cheese to another level — especially when you combine them with truffles. "I was very naughty; I grated fresh truffle on feta and sat it on top of a Triscuit biscuit when we were looking at the development in partnership early on," the world-renowned chef recounted. "Whip feta, [add] freshly grated truffle, sat on a biscuit. I'm telling you, it's like you've just come out of a five-star restaurant."