The Textural Benefit Of Adding Dried Fruit To Blondies

Blondies, sometimes called "blonde brownies," tend to get overshadowed by their chocolaty cousins. However, they're just as tasty — and just as easy to customize. Plus, the mild flavor of the dough lets add-ins shine, making blondies a perfect vehicle for creativity and experimentation. 

Customizing your blondies can take a simple recipe in dramatically different directions. If you're a cheesecake fan, add a swirl of cream cheese. Mix some chocolate chips into the dough for a result that's reminiscent of a chocolate chip cookie. Toss in some nuts for an extra crunch. The possibilities are nearly endless — so don't be afraid to get creative.

With blondies and brownies alike, the "cakey vs fudgy" debate rages eternal, and ultimately, the debate comes down to personal preference. But both sides can agree that texture can make or break baked goods. When you're experimenting with new combinations, remember to take texture into consideration as well as taste.

Add dried fruit to blondies for extra flavor and texture

Next time you bake a batch of blondies, consider adding dried fruit. It'll give the bars a chewier texture and an extra punch of flavor.

Many people immediately turn to raisins as a go-to dried fruit, but don't limit yourself. If you're already adding cream cheese to the mix, consider mixing in some dried strawberries for a fun take on strawberry cheesecake. Or if you love the rich flavor of fruitcake, pack your blondies full of raisins, dates, and nuts.

Remember, not all dried fruit is created equal. You might want to shy away from fruits with a hard texture, like banana chips. When shopping for dried fruit, keep in mind that freeze-drying does a better job of preserving flavor and nutritional value than traditional drying methods. You should also check the ingredients: Some kinds of dried fruit, like pineapples, tend to have added sugar. If the fruit you plan to use has a high sugar content, adjust the recipe accordingly.

While dried fruit shouldn't have too much of an impact on your recipe, some bakers maintain that it can suck the moisture from the batter. If you opt to add dried fruit to your blondies, you may want to try soaking it in hot water before adding it in to ensure that the dough stays moist. For a boozy twist, you can even infuse them with rum, brandy, or your favorite liquor.