17 Best Subs In NYC, Ranked

Whether you're grinding in a Midtown office building or you're visiting on a mission to see the latest Broadway show, there's no doubt that walking the streets of New York City works up an appetite. So what do you do when you need a quick and delicious bite that you can enjoy on the go? Enter the sub sandwich.

New York City is one of the culinary capitals of the world, so it should come as no surprise that you can easily find a delicious sandwich shop during your travels there. In fact, New York City is widely considered one of the best sandwich cities in the United States. New York City is a diverse place, with diverse sandwiches for everyone to enjoy. You can find sub sandwiches from a variety of cuisines, from classic Italian cold cut subs to the native New York invention, the chopped cheese. Hot or cold, large or small, there's a sub for everyone in NYC. To make your next lunch break in the Big Apple that much tastier, we've rounded up some of our favorite subs in the city that never sleeps.

17. The Chicken Cutlet Pesto Hero from Fiacco's (Manhattan)

Faicco's Italian Specialties, located in the West Village, is a classic Italian deli counter and specialty shop. Here you can purchase anything from ingredients for Italian cooking like olive oil and pasta to mouthwatering sandwiches stacked high with fresh meats and cheeses.

One such sandwich that draws a number of fans is the Chicken Cutlet Pesto Sandwich with fresh mozzarella cheese. The perfectly crisp chicken cutlet, fresh pesto, and melty mozzarella come together in a massive pile on a hero to make for a more-than-filling lunch. However, while the sandwiches may be large, so are the price tags. This delicious Italian cutlet delight will cost you a hefty $21. Some other popular Fiacco's sandwiches, including the Chicken Parm Fradiavolo and the Italian Special Sandwich, even hit a whopping $25 price tag. With prices like this, we recommend sharing with a friend to truly get your money's worth.

16. The Pancho Villa from ​​Montagu's Gusto (Manhattan)

Montagu's Gusto is a classic sandwich shop located in Murray Hill selling sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and more. Made with crispy chicken, artisan butter lettuce, Monterrey jack cheese, grilled jalapeno, pico de Gallo, and chipotle sauce on ciabatta hero, the Pancho Villa is a spicy, crunchy, creamy dream that keeps customers coming back for more. The jalapeno, Monterrey jack, and chipotle sauce provide the right amount of heat while the crispy chicken and ciabatta hero create a perfect crunchy texture.

The Pancho Villa is a fan favorite for its perfect balance of unique flavors and textures. At $12.95, the sandwich is a pretty decent size for the price, and its fresh ingredients certainly add to its value. If you find yourself in Murray Hill in search of a delicious and filling lunch to spice things up a bit, you may want to stop by and give the Pancho Villa a try.

15. The Cappone from Cappone's (Manhattan)

Since 1969, Cappone's has been dedicated to creating traditional Italian heroes with all of the meats, cheeses and toppings we know and love. The restaurant uses specially imported authentic Italian products to create its incredible food. Located in Chelsea, locals and travelers alike stop by to get a bite of classic Italian goodness every weekday. While the restaurant may only be open during lunchtime on weekdays, that is more than enough to keep the dedicated staff at Cappone's busy and thriving.

The biggest draw is, of course, the most classic item of all: the restaurant's self-titled specialty sandwich, the Cappone. Made with capicola, soppressata, salami, provolone, arugula, mozzarella, and hot peppers layered on a hero, the spicy, salty, fresh, and creamy ingredients are all married together in the perfect Italian deli sandwich, and with a name like that, we're not surprised. Don't hesitate if you're in the neighborhood during weekday lunch.

14. The Rob from Compton's in (Queens)

Behind its unassuming black and white exterior, Compton's is packing a flavor punch in its vintage-style deli counter. Fast and delicious is the name of the game at Compton's with limited seating and quick and efficient service. If you're looking for a yummy bite on the go in Astoria, look no further.

One of the most popular sandwiches on the menu is the Rob, somewhat of a twist on a turkey club, made with turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and cilantro-lime aioli on a semolina hero. The classic flavor combo of a turkey club gets a flavor and freshness upgrade with the addition of avocado, red onion, and cilantro-lime aioli in place of plain, run-of-the-mill mayo. These upgrades really take the sandwich to the next level and lead to customers returning time and time again, and we're pretty sure you will, too.

13. The Banh Mi Pate Thit Nguoi from Ba Xuyen (Brooklyn)

Ba Xuyen is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Borough Park, Brooklyn, and is most popular for its delicious meat and veggie-filled banh mi sandwiches. A quick and easy ordering counter makes these sandwiches great to take on the go or eat in the nearby park.

By far the most popular sandwich here is the Banh Mi Pate Thit Nguoi, also known as "combination number one." The sandwich includes ham, head cheese, pork roll, pork teriyaki, BBQ, cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro, green pepper, pate, and butter on a baguette. The savory meats, crisp, bright vegetables, and fresh, crunchy bread all come together to create a harmony of flavors and textures. Many fans argue that Ba Xuyen has the best banh mi in all of New York City, tasting just as good as, if not better than, other popular spots in Manhattan's Chinatown — and for a much better price.

12. The Porchetta sandwich from Mekelburg's (Brooklyn)

Mekelburg's is a combination craft beer bar and specialty food shop with locations in the Clinton Hill and Williamsburg neighborhoods of Brooklyn. In addition to the many unique rotating beers and home cooking essentials on offer, Mekelburg's also has a menu of enticing specialty sandwiches.

The Porchetta sandwich is a clear longtime favorite, with The New York Times naming it one of the Top 10 Restaurant Dishes of 2015. The sandwich is simple, with porchetta, broccoli rabe, and Parmigiano all carried on a sesame-crusted roll, making for a salty and bitter flavor combination that is just right. Mekelburg's is a casual, unfussy place, centered around grabbing a pint with a pal or picking up some missing ingredients for dinner, but its food is not any less delicious because of it. Its combo of craft beers and out-of-this-world eats is special, even in a city where you can find so many of both.

11. The Casa from Casa Della Mozzarella Italian Deli (The Bronx)

As you can probably assume from the name, Casa Della Mozzarella is all about the mozz. They've even been consistently voted "Best Mozzarella in New York City" by Zagat over the past decade. With that kind of dedication to its cheese, it's no surprise that the restaurant's sandwiches are beloved. Located in the Bronx's Little Italy (also often referred to by the street that anchors it, Arthur Avenue), the restaurant both serves and is surrounded by some of the best and most authentic Italian food in the United States. No self-respecting Italian sandwich lover would miss out on its glory.

While Casa Della Mozzarella has an entire menu of irresistible sandwiches, we recommend the self-titled Casa. With prosciutto, sun-dried peppers, balsamic glaze, and of course that legendary mozzarella, it's impossible for the Casa to disappoint. Whether or not you otherwise find yourself in the neighborhood, this sandwich is worth the trip.

10. The Nicky Special from Defonte's Sandwich (Brooklyn)

Having been in business for over 100 years, it's safe to say that Defonte's Sandwich Shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn is a classic. Defonte's checks all the boxes, with quick, friendly service, large portions, and unforgettable flavor. Defonte's has even been placed No. 84 on New York Magazine's "The Thousand Best" guide to bars and restaurants in New York City, making it one of the city's top places to grab a bite.

If you're looking for a sandwich as classic as (and almost as old as) Defonte's itself, you're going to want to go with the Nicky Special. Made up of ham, capicola, salami, fried eggplant, provolone, hot salad, marinated mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and oil and vinegar all on a hero, the Nicky Special is sure to satisfy. It's also absolutely massive and is available in ⅓ and ½ sizes depending on how hungry you are.

9. The Pisillo Panini from Pisillo Italian Panini (Manhattan)

This well-loved hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop in FiDi fills the bellies of corporate office workers and tourists alike with high-quality, authentic Italian ingredients. As many visitors rave about, these massive sandwiches can feed you for multiple days or be split with a friend with ease, making their $17 price tags more worth it. Be ready to share or carry half home!

You can't go wrong with the Pisillo Panini, a customer favorite out of the restaurant's many signature sandwiches. Made up of prosciutto di Parma, porchetta, buffalo mozzarella, roasted peppers, arugula, and balsamic dressing on semolina bread, you're sure to devour this crave-worthy panini (or as much of it as you can). These sandwiches satisfy whether you've worked up an appetite after a long day at the office or you're just checking out the sights. Either way, these filling paninis will hit the spot the next time you're in FiDi.

8. The Chopped Cheese from Blue Sky Deli (Manhattan)

The Chopped Cheese: one of New York's culinary claims to fame, straight from the source. Yes, Blue Sky Deli in Harlem (also known as Hajji's) is in fact credited with being the original creator of the chopped cheese sandwich that New Yorkers all know and love so well. We don't doubt that your corner bodega makes a great one, but you haven't lived until you've tried the original.

Ground beef, onions, peppers, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a hero make for a verified symphony of flavors. There's a reason why bodegas all across the city caught on. If you're just visiting and aren't sure what to expect from this New York staple, try to think of it as a beautiful marriage between a cheeseburger and a cheesesteak. Don't let your next trip to New York pass you by without trying one. And why not let the original set the bar?

7. The Jackie Chan sandwich from Sunny & Annie's Deli (Manhattan)

Known for its vast and ever-changing selection of fun and creative specialty sandwiches, Sunny & Annie's Deli in the East Village is a neighborhood favorite for breakfast or lunch sandwiches at any time of day. This hotspot never closes, so you can have a taste for yourself whenever the mood strikes you. Whether you're carb-loading to prepare for a night out on the town or recovering the morning after, Sunny & Annie's has your back.

Sunny & Annie's menu is certainly unique, not only in what is on it but in how it is displayed. A colorful array of cards cover the front of the deli counter, which lists the dozens of special sandwiches on offer. A frequently-ordered favorite is the Jackie Chan, made up of beef bulgogi, black bean sauce, muenster cheese, cilantro, cucumber, pickled jalapenos, spinach, radish, and sesame leaves on a huge hero. Like Chan's movies, this sandwich is one we'll remember fondly and likely come back to often.

6. The Stacked OG Hero from Stacked Sandwich Shop (Queens)

With a name like Stacked Sandwich Shop, you probably go in assuming that the sandwiches are, well, stacked, and you would be correct. In fact, the towering sandwiches being served up in Forest Hills, Queens can feed up to three people. They're just that massive. Piled high will all sorts of deli goodness, there's a reason these sandwiches are a neighborhood favorite.

The Stacked OG Hero is, of course, the peak example of the sandwich shop's philosophy; it is the OG after all. The sandwich is absolutely packed with just about every deli meat and cheese you can think of, including ham, salami, turkey, roast beef, provolone, mortadella, and American cheese, as well as an assortment of veggies. Thanks to its absolutely unwieldy dimensions, we recommend attempting to either cut or squish your massive piece in order to enjoy it without hurting your jaw. And don't forget to bring a friend!

5. The Chicken Parm sandwich from Parm (Manhattan)

When your restaurant is called Parm, it's pretty easy for diners to figure out what it's all about. It would almost seem silly to come here without ordering one of their variations of a parm dish. While this is a full-service Italian restaurant rather than just a sandwich shop, we can guarantee you won't regret getting a sandwich here. In fact, this is the perfect spot for passionate sandwich fans to bring their not-so-sandwich-obsessed loved ones, because there are plenty of options for everyone to enjoy.

However, if your dining companions aren't ordering the Chicken Parm sandwich, we do fear they might be missing out. Crispy chicken cutlet, signature red sauce, and melty cheese all stacked on a hero — seriously, what's not to love? Also, unlike many of the items on the Parm menu, the Chicken Parm sandwich can survive the journey as takeout and still be just as delicious on the go.

4. Original Philly Cheesesteak from Shorty's (Manhattan)

Given New York City's close proximity to Philadelphia, it's no surprise that the classic Philly cheesesteak has made a northeastern migration. But how do you make an authentic Philly cheesesteak outside of Philly? This is just the question that the founders of Shorty's asked themselves. And they arrived at a perhaps unique answer: bread. That's right, Shorty's is committed to authentic Philadelphian bread. So much so, in fact, that they have their bread dough shipped directly from Philly to locations in New York to ensure its authenticity. Using this foundation, Shorty's then builds its delicious cheesesteaks each day.

Of course, Shorty's does not run on cheesesteaks alone, as it also offers a variety of other food options. But the Philly cheesesteaks are the main attraction for a reason. In its simplest form, listed as the Original Philly Cheesesteak, the sandwich is literally made up of simply half a pound of steak and your choice of cheese wiz, provolone cheese, or American cheese. That's it. We recommend trying it in its simplistic beauty.

3. The Dennis from Parisi Bakery (Manhattan)

Parisi Bakery in Little Italy starts all of its sandwiches with its signature freshly baked bread. From there, it piles on fresh, authentic ingredients as it forms its delicious creations. As a small, family-run business in Manhattan's Little Italy since 1903, Parisi Bakery ranks high on our list because it's simply that good. With an abundance of both repeat customers and visitors from far and wide, it's clear why everybody loves Parisi.

A huge draw for Parisi's repeat customers is the Dennis. Made up of chicken cutlets, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto, and balsamic on crusty Italian bread, the Dennis is deli sandwich heaven. The fresh ingredients make the hefty sandwich easier to eat (although we can't promise you'll finish in one sitting). If you're in or near in Little Italy running on an empty stomach, take the opportunity to leave with a full one after stopping by Parisi.

2. The Pinocchio from Alidoro (Manhattan & Brooklyn)

With locations scattered around the city, Alidoro's adoring fans have led it to expand to five locations in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. Originally founded in SoHo, Alidoro prides itself on fresh, authentic specialty Italian sandwiches made daily. They've even been rated No. 1 among all of the sandwich shops in New York City by Zagat. Alidoro is so iconic in New York City that it even recently teamed up with another sandwich legend, Katz's Delicatessen, to celebrate the 118th anniversary of the New York City subway system.

Because Alidoro offers over 40 different sandwiches, there are lots of options to choose from. However, the Pinocchio stands out as a repeat favorite among Alidoro fans. The Pinocchio consists of prosciutto, sweet soppressata, fresh mozzarella, sweet roasted peppers, and olive paste on fresh bread. Just thinking about this combination has our mouths watering and our eyes wandering toward the nearest Alidoro location.

1. The Bomb from Sal, Kris & Charlie's Deli (Queens)

No New York City sandwich ranking could be complete without The Bomb. Sal, Kris & Charlie's Deli is referred to as "the sandwich king of Astoria" for good reason, after all. The deli's larger-than-life, 14-inch subs certainly know how to draw a crowd, and that's a good thing because they can feed a crowd too.

Made up of Italian and American cold cuts, American and provolone cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, mayonnaise, and vinegar, The Bomb is the deli's most iconic sandwich. It essentially adds everything but the kitchen sink, combining all of your typical deli sandwich ingredients into one behemoth, and earns high praise from both visitors and locals. While it may be out of the way from the touristy center of Manhattan, we promise it's well worth the trip, and may even suggest that the special trip makes it that much more magical.