2 Famous New York Delis Teamed Up With The MTA On A Sandwich

For tourists, New York City's culture may be defined by Broadway shows, Time Square, and folded pizza slices, but for the locals, nothing is more New York than deli sandwiches and the subway. After all, both are NYC classics: According to The World, America's first-ever Jewish deli was opened in the city that never sleeps, and History reports that the M.T.A.'s (that's the Metropolitan Transport Authority, for those out of the loop) subway system is the largest in the U.S. But what happens when these cultural cornerstones come together to create a love letter to New York City? They make a sandwich, of course.

The New York Times just revealed that the M.T.A. has teamed up with two NYC delis – Alidoro and Katz's Delicatessen – to create a sandwich in honor of a big milestone.

Before we get into the details of the unique sandwich, you'll probably want to know why the M.T.A. chose these two shops for its collab; Per its website, Alidoro is rated NYC's best sandwich shop, while Katz's is considered a NYC institution, as it's been slinging sandwiches in the Lower East Side since 1888 (via Katz's Delicatessen).

New York's subway-inspired sandwich

The New York Times reports that 2022 marks the New York City subway system's 118th year in business, and the M.T.A. wants to celebrate the occasion in a big way with the new 1904 sandwich made in collaboration with Katz's Delicatessen and Alidoro.

Named after the year the subway system opened, The New York Times shares the 1904 is a hot sandwich that features Katz's famous pastrami and a Calabrian pepper-Dijon slaw. The sandwich is smeared with garlic confit cream, topped with aged provolone, and served on a long roll made from sourdough rye. 

Starting Wednesday, New Yorkers will be able to grab a 1904 sandwich at any Alidoro location for $14 through the end of October. The sandwich can also be purchased on Goldbelly for those not close enough to one of the Alidoro locations but still want to try this NYC mashup. A kit to recreate four of the sandwiches at home will run you $104.95 and includes free shipping.