Wolfgang Puck Will Come To Your House For His 3 Favorite Desserts

One of the most joyous elements of any meal is dessert. Yep, most people are kids at heart and would happily skip to the sugary, sweet goodness of a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream, a slice of chocolate cake, or red velvet soufflé for the simple reason this category of food makes us happy. And if there is a celebrity cook in the food world that knows his or her way around this special part of a meal and creates drool-worthy dessert dishes, it is Wolfgang Puck.

His chocolate soufflé is legendary and a go-to for any romantic tete-a-tete. And Puck's famous Kaiserschmarren, which is a sweet billowy pancake that requires eight eggs to make and is served with a strawberry sauce, is in a class all its own. In fact, he shared with Food Beast, "We didn't have a lot of money when I grew up, so we actually ate sweets for dinner, kaiserschmarrn was one of them." But if you want the famed chef to come to your house to enjoy dessert and some culinary chit-chat, Puck says there are three confections you will need to whip up.

You may want to look up his recipe for one of them

While answering Twitter questions for Wired, Wolfgang Puck revealed that three great desserts on a menu can be more than enough if they are great desserts. Puck is a fan of the quality over quantity philosophy: There's no need for more than three desserts if they are all stellar in taste. And he says if you want him to come to your house you will need to have something lemon, a "great" cheesecake (no subpar versions of this classic), and that chocolate soufflé of his also makes the list. How could it not?

What is admirable about this list is the fact that Puck actually has incorporated these desserts into his own restaurant menus. He likes and would eat what he serves to his guests, which is a true testament to any chef. For example, at Cut in Beverly Hills, the cookbook author offers a Basque cheesecake with Harry's Berries, Tahitian vanilla and balsamic. And if you have a night planned at Spago, you would be remiss if you didn't order his dark chocolate soufflé or the spiked lemon, which is a combination of chiffon cake, citrus mousse, and Japanese Yuzu cream. 

As much as we would love to have Puck come to our home and bond over these desserts, we would rather have him make them.