Clementine's New Zodiac Series Pairs Ice Cream With Your Sign Each Month

If you've seen anyone complain about Geminis or Scorpios online recently, you know the cultural force that astrology has become, and now Clementine's Naughty & Nice Ice Cream has embraced it full on with its new Zodiac Series. The brand has made a name for itself in St. Louis with both its high-quality ice cream and unusual, often booze-based flavors.

Clementine's creations often outdo other premium ice creams in their creativity, ranging from Hot Tamale to the blackberry liquor-based Créme de Mûre. The creamery has also scored hits with limited-edition specials in the past, including a "Peppermint Andy" flavor created in collaboration with Bravo host Andy Cohen

Launching this month, Clementine's special Zodiac Series will roll out one flavor at a time during each sign's corresponding astrological season. In a press release, the brand's founder and "flavor temptress" Tamara Keefe said the new theme "allows us to flex our creativity," and that it will be a "fun test" to see how closely the flavors match the signs' distinct personality traits.

Each one will be available for a short run at the beginning of its season — either as part of a four-pint pack for nationwide shipping or as a flavor option at Clementine's six stores in St. Louis.

Aquarius and Pisces can enjoy their flavors now

Clementine's first official zodiac flavor to debut on March 21 will be Pandan, based on the sweet aromatic popular in Southeast Asia, for Aries — reflecting the ram's willingness to try new things. And of course, this is just the start of the astrological ice cream tour.

But people with the signs Aquarius and Pisces should be delighted to know that their flavors are actually available to order now, if they want to jump ahead of the pack. Aquarius can receive a sweet pick-me-up through Iced Mocha Sorbet, and for Pisces, the special flavor is Vegan Mint Chip — spearmint and peppermint in coconut milk ice cream, studded with chunks of minty dark chocolate bars.

The next zodiac launch will be decadent Peanut Butter Pleasures for Taurus on April 21 — a blend of triple dark chocolate ice cream and creamy peanut butter. Then, the series will move through spring with a mixture of two different flavors worthy of the Gemini twins — Matcha Raspberry Sorbet, available May 12.

The comforting warmth of Cancer will get paired with a classic summer flavor on June 16: Peachy Heat Cheesecake, featuring spicy peach jam mixed into cream cheese ice cream. That sunny feeling will carry into Leo season starting July 14 with Lioness, a golden milk flavor with Lion's mane sweet crumble.

Clementine's has a zodiac ice cream flavor for everyone

Virgos should be thrilled to learn their celebration will involve the dependably delicious taste of real apple pie mixed into a cinnamon ice cream base for Baked Apple Betty, which will be released August 18. The brightness of the season will linger into fall too, with a perfectly matched meeting of citrus flavors in Grapefruit and Orange Blossom Sorbet for all the Libras on September 22.

Things will get intriguing for Scorpio starting October 30, epitomized by sweet and sour Pomegranate Sorbet. On November 3, Sagittarius will get gifted one of the oldest herbs out there in the form of Peppermint Crush — peppermint ice cream and crumbled peppermint candy with dark chocolate pieces. Cranberry Pistachio, available December 22, will give Capricorn a boost by adding a bracing mix of cranberry and graham cracker crumble to pistachio ice cream. 

Except for Vegan Mint Chip, which costs $15 per pint, all the other flavors are priced at $12 per pint.