Martha Stewart's Clever Way To Prevent Soggy Waffles

"Never Eat Soggy Waffles" is a well-known mnemonic device used to help students learn their directions, but it is also Martha Stewart's mantra when she is making this favored breakfast food. Crispy waffles are what our mouths expect when we order them at a waffle house or we make them for brunch. At their most basic waffles consist of eggs, flour, milk, a little sugar, salt, and baking powder. From there, some cooks will add a favorite extract to enhance the flavor or mix chocolate chips into the batter. But regardless if you like a classic buttermilk, lemon, or orange flavored waffle, the hallmark deep squares need to be deep and golden to hold all the syrup and butter you pile on.

But one of the biggest nemeses to your waffles is moisture. That's right, moisture is out to steal the crispy texture you worked so hard to achieve after slaving over that waffle iron to produce the perfect buttermilk Belgian waffle. That's why you are going to love the lifestyle guru with more savoir-faire in the kitchen than most of us can hope to have, because Stewart has an easy trick to help keep that dampness that causes your waffle to go limp at bay.

How to get rid of steam

Martha Stewart took to TikTok to share that if you want to prevent a soggy waffle, simply remove them from the waffle iron when they are done and toss them back and forth between your hands to allow any excess steam to escape. If it reminds you of handling a hot potato, you get the concept. Stewart revealed that this practice will also keep those edges of your waffles crisp, and that's going to make everyone happy. They definitely look good and the cookbook author says as much after taking a bite of her stack of golden and delicious-looking waffles dripping with syrup.

Stewart goes on to share that if you are making these babies ahead of your next breakfast for a dinner party or Sunday brunch, tossing the waffles back and forth will not only get rid of that steam, it will ensure they still taste delicious when you reheat them. This tip also comes in handy if you plan to freeze your waffles. Just place them in a freezer-safe bag or container in a single layer and they will be ready to go when you are ready to eat them. Just don't forget the ice cream, sprinkles, and whipped cream.