Kellogg Announces New Company Names For Its Snack Foods, Cereals

Even as inflation seems to be pumping its brakes ever so slightly at the current 6% as listed on the U.S. Inflation Calculator, companies like Kellogg have felt its bite. Kellogg CEO Steve Cahillane told CNN it is "probably the biggest challenge" the company has been facing. 

Coupled with supply disruption and labor issues, the CEO explains companies as mature as Kellogg must protect their margins by prioritizing productivity and maintaining — or growing — demand. Within that strategy, Kellogg announced last summer plans to divide the company to "better direct [each business'] resources toward their distinct strategic priorities" and "unlock their full standalone potential."

Originally planned to split into three distinct companies, Kellogg unveiled the names of the two new companies it will be dividing into on Wednesday, March 15: Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co.

The meaning behind the new names

While the names still feel familiar, they feel a bit fresher. In a press release, Kellogg shares that nearly 1,000 company employees helped pick the new names by submitting over 4,000 ideas, with the request the letter K be included, as well as a play on the word "new."

Under the umbrella of the new Kellanova brand will be all of those familiar snacks like Cheez-Its and Pringles, along with plant-based foods, noodles, and international cereal brands. You may think this new name sounds like a star in the galaxy, and that's not too far off. The "Kell" part of the name was chosen as a nod to its former brand name, while the Latin word "nova," means new. Combine the two with an "a" in the middle, and there you have it — a star is born. Expect the logo to keep the recognizable "K" with a forward-pointing "v," which Cahillane says recognizes "forward momentum as we embark on this next chapter."

Its North American cereal company, which includes favorites such as Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops, will be named the WK Kellogg Co for the company's founder, William Keith Kellogg. And the missing period between "WK" points to this new chapter in the company's story, while the logo reflects Mr. Kellogg's signature. Both companies will be traded once the split is complete later in 2023.