15 Best Dealcoholized Wines, Ranked

While some people find themselves reaching for non-alcoholic options as a result of a lifestyle change, there are plenty who simply don't like alcohol. Whether the collateral effects or the taste of ethanol don't sit well with you, there's no reason why you should be stuck sipping soda or juice.

Thankfully, times are changing as evidenced by over $11 billion in sales in the low- and no-alcohol market in 2022, according to The ISWR drinks market analysis. The beverage industry is placing increasing effort into developing suitable alternatives for customers who don't drink booze, and it's paying off. Whereas dealcoholized wines were once homogenously sweet and lacking nuance, consumer interest has resulted in improved products.

Dealcoholized wine is made the same way as the boozy stuff but goes through additional steps to remove the alcohol. This is different from a grape beverage that never contained alcohol, and usually guarantees a higher quality product that retains most of the characteristics of the original. Using premium fruit and viticultural practices means that the price tag can often approach the cost of wine with alcohol. (Consider it a fee to guarantee zero hangovers.) We've compiled a list of the top dealcoholized wines on the market to help you find the best options available to you.

15. Proxies - Zephyr

Rosé all day can get messy pretty fast if you're drinking boozy wine. Thankfully, alcohol-free drink producers haven't forgotten about the pink stuff. Proxies is a twist on our selection of dealcoholized wines because the company doesn't exactly make wine. Instead, its primary aim is to make a drink that tastes similar to wine, without solely using grapes in the process. By opening up the possibilities to assorted fruits, teas, and spices, the flavor is far more complex. And since the downfall of some dealcoholized wines is the lack of balance due to the absence of alcohol, a wider range of ingredients to compensate is welcome.

Proxies Zephyr is a vibrant combination of sauvignon blanc grapes, rhubarb, strawberries, apple, lemon, hibiscus, pink peppercorn, and white tea. The result is deliciously fruity and savory with a hint of spice and the perfect tang of acidity. It's definitely meant to be sipped on all day long — and all night too, as the producer highlights. (Of course, the hint of caffeine might factor in here.) Given its refreshing nature, you can easily enjoy a glass of Zephyr by itself, and it makes a great match for vegetable-forward dishes like salads as well as seafood.

14. Starla Wines - red blend

A quick glance at a bottle of Starla makes it clear that there's nothing low-quality about this dealcoholized wine. Created by a female duo with design and lifestyle in mind, this brand has been racking up awards for the last few years. Using a blend of wine grapes from California as well as aromatics and botanicals to balance out the taste, Starla is all about the flavor — there's no chance you'll feel like you're missing out.

Starla's red blend combines black cherry, blackberry, bergamot, black pepper, and lavender with ruby cabernet and barbera grapes. The result has a deep flavor that maintains some lightness thanks to a hint of effervescence. The brand recommends pairing it with dark chocolate (check), tapas (check), and 6 a.m. workouts (raincheck — though we appreciate the total absence of hangover-causing compounds). However you choose to enjoy it, serve this juicy red blend with a slight chill for the ultimate sip.

13. Studio Null - Solo Garnacha

Null, zero, none — no matter how you put it, it all comes down to no alcohol. While some wineries are the result of centuries of family tradition, others come about it in a more modern fashion. Studio Null began as a start-up founded by two friends who were looking for wines that delivered flavor without negative side effects. As the founders explained in an interview with Cool Hunting, their final product was the result of a deep investigation into dealcoholization techniques, the current market, and ways to create quality while staying true to the raw materials.

With these elements in mind, the duo has mastered a selection of wines made with grapes from Spain and Germany. Solo Garnacha features the grenache grape harvested from a family-owned winery in the foothills of the Spanish Iberian mountains. You'll taste rich notes of red fruits with a full body on the palate and a dry finish. Try pairing it with hearty vegetable dishes, grilled meat, or a charcuterie platter.

12. Yours - red blend

If you're a fan of flavor-forward wines, a red blend is often a great bet. Unfortunately, many dealcoholized versions can veer toward sweet red drink territory, which makes it that much better when you find a bottle you like. Yours was founded as a healthier option to boozy drinks, whether or not you're abstaining for the day or as a permanent lifestyle choice.

The red blend was the company's first product after plenty of research and deliberation, and the result has been quickly lapped up by satisfied consumers. Produced with red grapes from California, this beverage makes use of a few additional ingredients to fill in the gaps left by the absence of alcohol. Blackberry juice concentrate, cocoa powder, natural flavors, and monk fruit extract bring balance to the aromas, and the result is just as bold and chocolatey rich as you'd expect from a California red blend. With subtle notes of vanilla and oak to tie it all together, you'll understand why this dealcoholized wine has won countless awards at wine competitions.

11. Rondel - Zero

While some people stick to bubbles only on special occasions, we're of the mindset that they should be served on any ordinary day. A glass of sparkling will immediately boost your spirits, and dealcoholized versions will eliminate any worry about an imminent hangover. Rondel Zero non-alcoholic cava offers all the fun and flavor of a bottle of cava with zero negative effects.

The Spanish wine is made with the usual cava grape varieties: parellada, macabeo, and xarel-lo. The crisp bubbles are softened by fruity aromas of green apple, melon, and citrus, as well as a hint of floral notes. A subtle hint of sugar keeps the flavors nicely rounded without being overly sweet. The balanced taste also makes Rondel Zero a great option to sip on solo or serve with creamy dishes, fried snacks, or desserts. If your alcohol-free lifestyle needs a celebratory pop, this charming cava is a prime contender.

10. Fre Wines - moscato

Fre takes great pride in producing high-quality dealcoholized wines with the best grapes from top California vineyards. The hard work pays off, and the winery is consistently recognized as one of the leading producers of alcohol-free wines. The grapes are traditionally vinified before undergoing a technical process to eliminate the alcohol content while maintaining the subtle nuances of the fruit. While some dealcoholized wines miss the connection to the fruit, Fre ensures that the complexities of individual vineyards are highlighted in each bottle.

The brand's alcohol-removed moscato wine offers all of the heady aromas of the grape. With notes of rose and peach and a round creamy finish, anyone looking for a highly aromatic option will be impressed. The complex flavors make an excellent match for Indian and Asian cuisine with a kick of spice. Additionally, the aromatic profile makes Fre's moscato great for pairing with creamy fruit-based desserts or soft cheeses.

9. Ariel - cabernet sauvignon

If you want something a little bolder in your glass without worrying about a hangover in the morning, Ariel has got you covered. The brand has been in the dealcoholized wine game since the mid-'80s and was winning prizes before most of the current businesses had entered the market. In fact, in 1986, Ariel came out on top against standard wines at the Los Angeles County Fair and has continued to do so since. It's no surprise, considering that California grapes grown in vineyards owned by esteemed producer J. Lohr are at the heart of its wines.

Ariel's cabernet sauvignon uses prime fruit in its production, setting it apart from alcohol-free wines made from subpar grapes. The result is rich and full-bodied with notes of dark fruits and chocolate. The smooth tannins from the oak aging and the dry finish evoke the experience of drinking a standard California cab. If you need another reason to reach for a bottle of Ariel cabernet, a 2012 study published in Circulation Research found that dealcoholized red wines contain some of the antioxidant properties found in regular wine, without being outweighed by the negative effects of alcohol.

8. Giesen - sauvignon blanc

New Zealand is known for its sauvignon blanc, and thanks to Giesen for paving the way, the country's number one grape variety comes in a zero-alcohol version too. Giesen produces a range of wines across various vineyards, with traditional and modern viticultural methods as well as some organic options. The no- and low-alcohol wines are in keeping with the winery's high standards and offer something for everyone at the table.

As the first dealcoholized sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, this bottle was made with great pride and attention to detail. Lovers of the island nation's quintessential white wine will recognize all the same qualities, from its crisp nature to its herbaceous and fruity aromas. Notes of passionfruit and citrus keep each sip tasting bright, and the low sugar content makes it a refreshing option for a warm summer day. Serve it chilled with seafood and salad or try it with Thai-inspired flavors.

7. Wander + Found - pinot noir

Wander + Found is a brand produced for Better Rhodes, a top marketplace for non-alcoholic beverages. Already tapped into the consumer base, the company is clear on its task of producing alcohol-free wines that taste as good as the real deal. The wines are made with German grapes from the Rhine region, grown according to traditional viticultural practices.

If your love for pinot has been stopping you from skipping the booze, Wander + Found's pinot noir (spätburgunder in Germany) is definitely worth tasting. It offers the classic notes of red and dark fruits, earthy aromas, and a hint of spice to round it out. There's no confusing it with grape juice either, thanks to the notable presence of smooth tannins. Nonetheless, it maintains a light to medium body, making it a great option to pair with a wide range of dishes or as a pre-dinner drink. Whether you serve it with heartier meat dishes or match it with your latest plant-based creation, it's sure to be appreciated.

6. Luminara - chardonnay

If you can't imagine missing out on a glass of chardonnay, Luminara has taken the guesswork out of finding the perfect dealcoholized version. It just so happens to be produced with grapes from the Napa Valley appellation, so naysayers can rest assured they're getting an excellent quality alcohol-free bottle. Aside from premium standards in the vineyards, Luminara prioritizes the best dealcoholization techniques in order to preserve everything you love about a Napa chard.

This chardonnay offers plenty of acidity and fresh fruit on the palate, balanced through time spent maturing in French and American oak barrels. The final result is rich and rounded on the palate while maintaining a vibrant characteristic from the tropical fruit notes. Everything about this dealcoholized wine is produced with attention in the vineyard and cellar, and it really pays off in the glass. Fans can sign up for Luminara's wine club which also covers a variety of mixers for mocktails. 

5. French Bloom - Le Blanc

If you're still on the fence regarding the taste and mouthfeel of dealcoholized wines, bubbles are a solid bet. The viscosity of alcohol may not be obvious when you're tasting standard wine, but it can feel lacking when it's gone. Sparkling wine offers a notable texture on the palate, which make you forget you're sipping on alcohol-free wine.

French Bloom is the result of a cross-Atlantic collaboration between two friends who sought to produce an alcohol-free wine with all of the balance and flavor of the real deal. A lengthy research period paved the way for Le Blanc, a sparkling wine made with organic chardonnay grapes. To round out the taste, organic grape juice, sparkling spring water, and natural lemon flavor are also added to the product. The result is as fresh as it gets, with notes of pear, crunchy green apples, tropical fruits, and citrus on the palate. Mineral notes round out this crisp wine, and hints of white flowers keep it light and aromatic.

While some dealcoholized wines retain minute quantities of alcohol, the technology French Bloom uses guarantees none at all. If you're equally conscious of finding vegan alternatives with no added sugar, sulfites, or preservatives, this sparkling chardonnay fits the bill too. Serve it as an aperitif with light snacks as you raise a glass to this winning bottle and zero hangovers in sight.

4. Leitz - Eins Zwei Zero

If your memory of high school German is intact, you'll know that Eins Zwei Zero has something to do with numbers. Zero is pretty universal, and in this case, it means no alcohol. Leitz winery has several vineyard sites across the Rheingau, a prized terrain for riesling in Germany. Not only is the geography ideally suited for the grape, but 95% of the winery's crops are riesling, a sure sign of excellence in the cellar.

Leitz uses vacuum distillation to eliminate any trace of alcohol in its Eins Zwei Zero riesling. This procedure involves heating wine to evaporate the ethanol. However, if the temperature is raised too high, it can damage the subtle aromas of the wine and even cause it to taste cooked. Thankfully, Leitz keeps temperatures as low as possible to retain all the nuances of the riesling grape.

Citrus and lime notes pair with aromas of apple and rhubarb in this vibrant wine. While the relative residual sugar is high, riesling boasts an impressive acidity that keeps the flavors in balance. Not to mention, sugar acts on the palate to fill out any sensations missing from the lack of alcohol. Serve it with a  charcuterie board or a creamy poultry dish for a deliciously flavorful match. Plus, it comes in a convenient canned format on top of a standard bottle.

3. Jøyus - rosé

Seattle-based Jøyus is a non-alcoholic winery founded by a sober woman. Though the winery makes a few different bottles, its rosé makes us especially joyous. We're not the only ones who feel this way, as it has won multiple prizes including for the best non-alcoholic wine at the 2022 San Francisco International Wine Competition.

Although the pink color of this wine brings to mind sweet beverages, this rosé is pleasantly crisp and dry. Fruit aromas keep it light and flavorful, with notes of watermelon, peach, and an herbal twist to round it out. It's endlessly refreshing, and enjoying a chilled glass (paired with a cheese plate, perhaps) on a patio screams summertime to us. If you're watching your caloric intake, you'll be glad to know that the entire bottle comes out under 100 calories — we challenge anyone to find a standard bottle of wine with the same profile.

2. Pierre Zéro - sparkling rosé

Sparkling rosé highlights two of our favorite styles of wine, offering the refreshing qualities of the pink drink paired with the celebratory allure of bubbles. Plus, the combination tends to be an all-around winner when it comes to pairing with food. The southern French wine estate Pierre Chavin pivoted to dealcoholized wine production as a result of the founder's pregnancies and her time spent in Sweden where drunk-driving laws are extremely strict. Naturally, she wanted to produce something that retained all of the nuances of wine to ensure that the alternative beverage didn't feel like a step down.

Pierre Zéro sparkling rosé is a fine example of what care and attention in the vineyard and cellar can accomplish. The pale hue is a blend of primarily chardonnay grapes with a hint of merlot for color. The fine bubbles and creamy mousse will trick you into thinking you're sipping on the real deal. Floral notes and aromas of red fruits like currants and raspberries keep the flavor light and vibrant. You'll definitely want to keep a bottle chilling in your fridge to serve — no special occasion required.

1. Noughty - sparkling chardonnay

Bubbles help your palate gloss over the fact that alcohol is missing, and Thomson & Scott's Noughty sparkling chardonnay is a fantastic option in this category. This dealcoholized wine is both organic and vegan, as well as being halal certified. If you're tired of overly sweet non-alcoholic wines, you'll appreciate that it has a lower residual sugar content than most similar products.

The grapes come from organic vineyards in Spain, and the wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks to keep the flavor crisp and fresh. Notes of green apple are present on the palate, making this a great option to sip on solo or enjoy with light snacks as an aperitif. Whether you're celebrating or serving this on an ordinary weeknight, it will instantly make the moment feel special. Customers are keen to share their approval for this bottle, and it boasts an almost perfect rating from hundreds of satisfied fans.