Snapple Rounds Its Nostalgic Elements Line With Earth Flavor

Snapple has brought back the classic Elements Earth (first launched in 1999) to round out the brand's Elements beverage line, which also includes Rain, Fire, and Air. Elements grew to include 15 flavors during its original run on the market, including Gravity, which featured carrot, and Altitude, which highlighted the taste of persimmon. While the original run of these creatively conceived drinks developed a devoted following, the line was discontinued after six years because of faltering sales.

Dedicated Snapple Elements fans that were hoping their favorite flavors would reappear had no idea how long they would be waiting, as it took nearly two decades for their dreams to bear fruit (pun intended). Beginning in 2022, Snapple kicked off the Elements relaunch. Each drink in the line has a clever elemental tie-in where Fire has dragon fruit as its main flavor, Rain has agave cactus as its star, and Air balances peach white tea with prickly pear and peach juice. It took nearly another year for Earth to make its return to store shelves.

Elements Earth is back!

In 2023, Elements Earth finally rejoined its drink line siblings in markets and stores. Fans of the original version will notice some changes and updates to the product. The original Earth focused its flavors on grape and cranberry, and included the unexpected ingredients, ginseng and bee pollen. This time around, Snapple has chosen a different fruit combination to represent Earth — tart cherry and fig. TikTok reviewer Markie Devo got an advance taste of the product and gave it high marks. He said that he couldn't really taste the fig, but that the drink was delicious anyway. And for those who loved the original version, we should note that grape juice concentrate remains one of the drink's main ingredients.

Snapple Elements fans will appreciate another change in the drinks — the company has replaced the high fructose corn syrup found in the original with regular sugar. Snapple also released a new version of another beloved Snapple around this time, adding Snapple Apple to the company's Zero Sugar line.